SK Austria Klagenfurt’s Impressive Start in the Admiral Bundesliga Season 2022: Defeating Rapid Wien and LASK Linz

2023-07-29 22:09:40

After the rise in 2022 it went for the SK Austria Klagenfurt ran away for the 3rd time at the start of the season in the Admiral Bundesliga. After the initial defeats in previous years at SK Rapid (3:0) and SHOT (3:1) the Carinthian Violets managed the first “start three” in the 3rd attempt. With 3:1 in the WSG Tyrol at the Tivoli in Innsbruck. Below Statements from both camps.

“Today was a huge step backwards”

Thomas Silberberger (head coach WSG Tirol) on…

…die Performance of his team: “I thought we’d come a long way. Today, however, it was noticed that we still have a lot of work to do. Especially with the compactness against the ball, also in the duel. Klagenfurt has won 9 of 10 duels. If you’re honest, you leave the field as a deserved loser. You have to get into the game through the duels. That made Klagenfurt outstanding. Our midfield had no access to the second ball.”

…die Defense: “Felix Bacher has a knee injury. I hope it’s not too bad. Maybe it didn’t help that we presented David Gugganig before the game, because the way the central defenders presented themselves made them afraid of the match. We were much further along in the preparation. That was a huge step backwards today.”

“We slept through the first half in particular”

Goalscorer Luca Kronberger (WSG Tirol): “We slept through the first half in particular. We don’t get into duels, they had every second ball and we didn’t have much to go forward.”

Kofi Schulz (WSG Tirol): “We didn’t start the game well and then we got a goal out of nowhere. It went against us a bit. We then tried to get back on track, but we didn’t succeed as well as we had imagined and as a result we just ran behind.”

In pre-season, his first for Austria Klagenfurt, Andy Irving scored 5 times from the point. With the new season, the 23-year-old Scot scored from the field for the first time in the ADMIRAL Bundesliga. And twice in the “Holy Land”. With his goal double, the number 19 of the Carinthian was the match winner.

“He’s a really great footballer”

Peter Pacult (head coach SK Austria Klagenfurt) on…

…double goalscorer Andy Irving: “You know what qualities Andy has. He will have even better solutions if he still works on himself in terms of attacking and moving backwards, because he has such opportunities in football, which are very rare. He’s a really great footballer.”

Sinan Karweina: “Sinan’s button popped in the last game of last season when he scored against Rapid. He took this momentum with him into the preparations.”

Double goal scorer Andy Irving (SK Austria Klagenfurt) on Sinan Karweina: “Sinan and I have very good chemistry. On and off the pitch. We are very good friends and get along well on the pitch.”

“Commercially, the means were exhausted from the start”

Günther Gorenzel on…

…seine new task as managing director of SK Austria Klagenfurt: “I had to finish the business in Munich by the end of June, so I’ve taken on a complete commercial and sporting plan here. From a commercial point of view, the means were exhausted from the start. So we have to make do with what is here. We’ll see if we can still create some leeway commercially, but the core of the team has stayed together and so there’s no need to worry.

We’ll see in the next few games whether we have to make adjustments, but in principle I’m convinced that our goals can be achieved with the core of the team. Our goal is to stay up in the league.”

…die low frame width: “It’s no secret that we’re not as broadly positioned in terms of squad width. But we had a budget reduction and it is therefore very clear that there is also less squad width.”

…die sBad results in the player survey of the players’ union: “One thing is self-explanatory. A club that has been back in the top flight for two years cannot have the same structure and stability as clubs that have played at the top level for 20 years. Every football club is now a medium-sized company. It is therefore important to create a balance in many areas and to structure things on the outside. That is my task, which I tackled with full energy.”

“In the past, that was the masterpiece of Behounek, who was the communicator on the field”

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Marc Janko (Sky expert) about the WSG Tirol: “I was of the opinion that Behounek’s departure would hurt them and now coach Silberberger has indirectly confirmed that the chains could have been pulled so far apart.

In the past, that was precisely the masterpiece of Behounek, who was the communicator on the field. He was communicating with his team-mates all the time and that’s missing at the moment.”

WSG Tirol – SK Austria Klagenfurt 1: 3 (0: 1)

Torfolge: 0: 1 Karweina (10th), 0: 2 Irving (53rd), 1: 2 Kronberger (77th), 1: 3 Irving (90th / +7).

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Statement-Quelle: Sky Sport Austria

Photo credit: RiPu and GEPA-ADMIRAL

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