Adventure – A new range of entry-level accessories for the youngest on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

2023-06-03 18:02:53 If you’re looking for durable entry-level accessories for your Nintendo Switch, guaranteed for 5 years and intended for a young audience, Steelplay belonging to the French group Pixminds invites you to discover a new range of accessories called “Adventure”. More specifically, these are headphones and a wireless controller that are now available in … Read more

“Empowering Africa: Transforming Business Models and Encouraging International Solidarity for a Better Future”

2023-05-26 05:53:15 “African countries are underrepresented in the institutions of global governance, be it the Security Council or the Bretton Woods system (World Bank and International Monetary Fund), and are denied debt relief. their debt or the financing on concessional terms that they need,” he said in a message marking the day which, according to … Read more

“My Fiancé’s Tragic Death: The Story of Steven Marijsse’s Confession”

2023-05-19 10:56:00 “My fiancé is not moving anymore. He is lying on the ground. I poured water on him but he didn’t react. The call is dated February 28, 2020. It is 4 a.m. Behind the handset, Steven Marijsse, 46, is in a panic because the man lying on the ground is none other than … Read more

“Morocco Ranks 16th in Emerging Countries for Investment: Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index 2023 (FDICI)”

2023-04-29 06:50:04 Morocco is among the 20 most attractive emerging countries for investment, according to the Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index 2023 (FDICI) published by the American strategy consulting firm AT Kearney. The Kingdom ranks 16th among emerging countries that most attract investors, ahead of South Africa (17th) and behind Egypt (14th), indicates the FDICI, … Read more

the folding smartphone is displayed at a price never seen before, and it’s on Coolblue that it’s happening! (more than 200 euros saved!)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: discover the practicality of a foldable smartphone The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is an innovative smartphone created by the Korean manufacturer Samsung. Its advantage? It gives you the advantages of a very large screen, without the disadvantages. Unfolded, its Dynamic Amoled Full HD screen measures 6.7 inches and offers … Read more

Myriam Abel, unrecognizable 18 years after the “New Star”, shocked internet users (photo)

The singer has changed a lot since her passage in the “New Star” in 2005. M6 In the comments of an interview posted on the Facebook page of the magazine Here, we can read: “I am shocked, unrecognizable, what a pity”, “We do not recognize her, she was much prettier before”, “Oh, the cosmetic surgery … Read more