The MR-Engagés agreement for the new Walloon government will be signed this week, the casting of ministers at the beginning of the next!

Following the June 9 elections, the MR and the Engagés declared their intention to move swiftly in forming governments in the southern part of the country. It appears they are preparing to keep their word. The regional policy statement, which serves as a guiding principle for the next five years in Wallonia, is already being … Read more

The Constitutional Court decides in what language to communicate with Russian children

Let us remind you that the hearings on the complete translation of private schools and kindergartens into Latvian recently ended – the verdict is expected in mid-May. Yesterday, the Constitutional Court began considering – this time in writing – the reform of another part of the same language reform, according to which all state (municipal) … Read more

On Tuesday the weather will improve and the sun will shine; There is already 10 cm of snow in Kurzeme

In the first half of the day, snowfall will continue mainly in Latgale and Vidzeme. The roads will be slippery in the morning. The air temperature will rise to +1..+6 degrees. A moderate western, southwestern wind will blow, reaching gusts of 9-14 meters per second. It will still snow in Riga in the morning, no … Read more

Warm weather is expected from Sunday, but only for a couple of days

Starting from Sunday followingnoon, warming is expected in Latvia for a couple of days, but in many places there will be short-term rains, forecasters predict, writes LETA. On Saturday the sky will be mostly cloudy, with scattered rain and fog expected in places. The center of the cyclone will pass through Latvia, so light to … Read more

Why are children born? Sex education will be strengthened in Latvian schools

the Forbidden fruit Improving sexual and reproductive education is carried out in accordance with the international obligations of Latvia as a UNESCO member country: it is necessary to prepare young people for adult life, prevent HIV, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy and gender-based violence. Information materials from the Ministry of Education and Science state … Read more

TF1 Plus Belle la Vie: New Streaming Platform and Return Date Revealed

2023-11-12 17:28:30 The channel also formalized the launch date of this long-awaited return, which will be accompanied by the arrival of a brand new streaming platform created by TF1. Photonews After being removed from the schedules of France 3 and Tipik a year ago, the daily soap ” More beautiful life “ will return to … Read more

European gas demand will never recover

2023-11-08 05:55:17 Officials in Europe boast of overflowing gas storage facilities. While publicly demonstrating the “achievement” from its outer side, they deliberately hide the reasons for the overflow of reservoirs – no one simply needs gas for two reasons: high cost and lack of demand for fuel. Representatives of the French energy giant Engie spoke … Read more

The Egyptian Stock Exchange seeks to launch an Islamic stock index

2023-11-06 21:00:51 The Egyptian Stock Exchange seeks to launch an index compatible with Islamic law during the first half of next year, as part of its effort to attract new investors to the financial market, according to what Ahmed Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Stock Exchange’s Board of Directors, told Al-Sharq. The index will include shares … Read more