On Tuesday the weather will improve and the sun will shine; There is already 10 cm of snow in Kurzeme

In the first half of the day, snowfall will continue mainly in Latgale and Vidzeme. The roads will be slippery in the morning.

The air temperature will rise to +1..+6 degrees. A moderate western, southwestern wind will blow, reaching gusts of 9-14 meters per second.

It will still snow in Riga in the morning, no significant precipitation is expected later, and the sun will shine in the evening. With a moderate western, southwestern wind, the air temperature will rise to +5 degrees.

The weather is determined by the southern edge of the outgoing cyclone.

The snow thickness in Kurzeme reaches ten centimeters

On Tuesday morning in Latvia, snow will continue to fall across most of the country.

The thickest snow cover is in Kurzeme. Nine centimeters of snow covers the ground at the observation station in Saldus, ten centimeters – in Stende.

The roads are slippery in many places. Air temperature -1..+1 degrees.

It was a cloudy and snowy morning in Riga, the western wind blew in gusts at a speed of up to ten meters per second in the morning, the air temperature was zero degrees.

The maximum air temperature on Monday ranged from +1.6 degrees in Saldus to +7.2 degrees in Dagda.

The highest air temperature in Europe on April 22 was +30 degrees in Portugal. The lowest air temperature at night on Tuesday is -21..-22 degrees in the north of Sweden and Russia.

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2024-04-24 13:22:36

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