How to Avoid Overlapping Health Insurance for Your Children: Mireille Thijs Story

2023-12-01 10:40:00

Mireille Thijs is furious. This resident of Zutendaal, located in Limburg, recently realized that she had been paying for health insurance for her children for eleven years… for nothing, because her son and daughter already had other insurance. “I recently looked for some additional information on my son’s insurance,” Mireille explains to our colleagues at Het Belang Van Limburg. “I have been paying for this insurance with the DKV since my divorce eleven years ago, in the same way as my own insurance and that of my daughter. But, when I dug a little deeper, I quickly realized that my children actually had another health insurance, also within the DKV! Over the last eleven years, I have paid around 4,000 euros to insure my son, even though it was not necessary. So I gave this money for nothing, since no one warned me of the existence of a second insurance. And it’s the same for my daughter…”

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But how could Mireille find herself in such a situation? It’s very simple: thanks to his job, the Limburg woman’s ex-husband benefits from health insurance for himself, but also for his two children. Except that Mireille, who was obviously not aware of the existence of this insurance and, at the time of her divorce, took out another insurance contract for her children…

From now on, Mireille has only one goal in mind: to recover this money that she spent without it being necessary. “The DKV reimbursed me 383.29 euros, which is what I paid last year. And they don’t want to do more,” she regrets.

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For its part, the insurer specifies that it is not required to make such a reimbursement. “This case of double health insurance is not that rare, some people sometimes choose to do it consciously,” explains the DKV to HBVL. “This is particularly the case during a divorce, when the two parents do not get along. One of the two sometimes fears that his former partner will no longer pay for his child’s insurance, and he then chooses to take out a second one, to be safe. Whatever happens, if the policyholder no longer wishes to benefit from double coverage, he must respect the contractual cancellation rules. He must respect the notice period and pay the premiums until the next annual deadline. In this case, the contract runs until February 2024. Until then, the bonus is due to Ms. Thijs. »

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However, the insurer says it is ready to make a commercial gesture in favor of Mireille. “Exceptionally, the DKV is ready to reimburse the premiums of its son and daughter with retroactive effect of three years. Why compensation for three years and not more? Because DKV is not obliged to offer compensation, this is an exceptional commercial gesture, taking into account the particular situation of this customer. »

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