National Program Raids Al-Azizia Market in Riyadh to Combat Commercial Concealment | Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-06-10 12:11:36 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Al-Ekhbariya channel published a report about the raid of the National Program for Combating Commercial Concealment in the “Al-Azizia” vegetable market in Riyadh to arrest the concealers. One of the sellers said that foreigners work with each other against the Saudis, and the first person to fight in the market is … Read more

Debunking Myths: Water’s Effect on Blood Sugar Levels Explained

2023-06-09 13:52:00 There is no doubt that water remains the basic drink that the body cannot do without. One of the ideas circulating is that water lowers blood sugar, so what is true? Here’s the answer. It has become known that water carries health benefits, the most important of which is hydration of the body, … Read more

Huawei Launches Easy CloudFabric Solution with Revolutionary Data Center Switch for Multi-cloud and Diversified Computing Era

2023-06-09 17:56:00 (HUAWEI) – At Huawei Network Summit 2023, Huawei showcased the fully-honed Easy CloudFabric solution with major hardware and software advancements. In particular, Huawei unveiled the CloudEngine 16800-X data center switch for the first time in Africa, with the aim of enabling customers operating in all industries to move into the era of IT … Read more

The Wealth of a Beggar: Dividing the Controversial Million Pound Inheritance

2023-06-09 22:11:26 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documenting the moment of dividing the wealth of a “beggar” that exceeded one million Egyptian pounds, which she obtained from begging and begging passers-by, over her brothers, after her death, sparked a state of controversy among followers in Egypt. The lady, “Khairiya Ali Abdel Jalil,” and her nickname … Read more

Uncovering the Causes of Cancer: Insights from Tafa’oul CEO Dr. Fouad Al-Jeghiman

2023-06-09 17:05:38 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Fouad Al-Jeghiman, CEO of the Anti-Cancer Association “Tafa’oul”, revealed the most important reasons for the high percentage of people with cancer in some regions in the Kingdom, and not others. Dr. Fouad said, during an intervention on the “My Lady” program: The spread of cancer in places and not others … Read more

Mother and Daughter Graduate Together: Heartwarming Story Goes Viral on Social Media – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-06-09 13:20:15 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video clip that documented the moment a mother and daughter celebrated their graduation in one day from Qassim University. The circulating video showed the mother and daughter wearing the official graduation outfit, and one of them was carrying gifts. And during the video, … Read more