how to take care of your vehicle

“In winter, a car is exposed to various external influences – low temperature, high air humidity, ice, a mixture of salt scattered on the roads. All this causes negative consequences and leads to damage to various technical elements and the body of the car. Therefore, in the spring you need to remember not only about … Read more

During the holidays, there is a risk of poisoning from egg dyes and garden chemicals.

During Easter, the Poison Helpline often receives calls in cases where a child has put or swallowed egg dye. “For example, a concerned mother contacted us, whose child the day before ate, along with candy, a green coloring tablet dissolved in water to color eggs. After this, the child slept restlessly at night, and in … Read more

The spring series is an addictive prison thriller | Television

Series set in prison environments have become a subgenre within the thriller. Watching how the characters face extreme situations and fight for their survival in an environment full of adversity attracts the attention of millions of viewers around the planet. Mayor of Kingstown It is one of the latest productions to join this phenomenon voyeur … Read more

Why Are Prices Higher in Belgium? Factors Explained and Impact on Cross-Border Shopping

2023-12-19 17:33:00 What explains this price difference? First, the bottle tax. This is a 10c/L contribution on the product packaging. This tax does not exist in France, and therefore directly impacts the difference in the final amount. Then, VAT is slightly higher on our side of the border. Finally, note the soda tax in force … Read more

a yeti storms the Caumartin store for the holidays

2023-12-19 17:49:20 No holly or Santa Claus at Citadium, rue de Caumartin in Paris. As the end-of-year holidays approach, the department store dedicated to urban fashion has chosen to adorn its interior with a light blue and a silver shade reminiscent of ice floes, to accommodate a rather angry yeti. City The imaginary animal coming … Read more

6 Danger Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore: When to Seek Medical Help ASAP

2023-10-23 09:11:33 “If major symptoms such as sweat, fever, cold, upset stomach, loss of appetite, and depression are severe, it is advisable to go to the hospital as soon as possible.” Entered 2023.10.23 18:10 Views 3 Entered 2023.10.23 18:10 Modified 2023.10.23 15:04 Views 3 If you feel irritated and depressed for no reason, you should … Read more

Acne Studios enters the Taiwanese market with partner Bluebell Group

2023-10-18 16:15:36 Published on 18.10.2023 Acne Studios continues its conquest of the Asian market by partnering with local distributor Bluebell Group. The Swedish brand is inaugurating via its partner, this October 18, its latest flagship in Taiwan, after the opening of a store in Singapore last December. Show ansehenAcne Studios – Spring-Summer 2024 – Ready-to-wear … Read more