The Results of the Regional Elections 2021: United Russia’s Victory and the Path to the 2024 Presidential Campaign

2023-09-10 21:12:18 The Bureau of the Supreme Council of United Russia, headed by Boris Gryzlov and the Presidium of the General Council, headed by Andrei Turchak, as well as party chairman Dmitry Medvedev, will sum up the results of the regional elections on September 14, the last before the 2024 presidential campaign. Judging by the … Read more

Governor Kawakatsu’s Severance Pay Controversy: Exploring the Abuse of Authority.

2023-09-06 22:00:00 Received 40.6 million yen in severance pay twice, but three lieutenant governors declined… Gov. Kawakatsu’s “abuse of authority.” PRESIDENT OnlineGovernor Kawakatsu went to the prefectural assembly and explained, “This is a personal matter, so I should explain it.” SBSnews6Shizuoka Governor Explains to Prefectural Assembly Factions About Unreturned Salaries Nihon Keizai ShimbunGovernor Kawakatsu Bonus … Read more

Breaking News: Chinese Tourists’ Scandal with Fukushima Scallops Sparks Outrage – Liberty Times

2023-08-31 10:41:37 Little pink gas explosion!The former governor of Osaka suffered a loss: Chinese tourists eat 10 Fukushima scallops before entering the country liberty timesLu Nan called the police and forced the Japanese Kanto Cooking Restaurant to withdraw the slogan Yaba Akio to speak out Yahoo Kimo NewsPeople in Lu rushed to buy “nuclear radiation … Read more

Redesign: The source of the Thaya as a natural experience

2023-08-23 13:51:06 Upgrading for the entire region St. Polten (OTS) – The Thaya stretches along the Austrian-Czech border, from the Waldviertel to the Weinviertel in Lower Austria. The 235 km long river has its source in the municipality of Schweigger and is considered an important identification point for the local population. In the leader region … Read more

5 Daily Health Habits for Longevity: Advice from Neurosurgeon Brett Osborne

2023-08-16 21:10:00 News. Society 00:10, 17 August 2023 photo: © IStockphoto Neurosurgeon Brett Osborne leads the Senolytix anti-aging center, where they help develop healthy habits. In an interview with Fox News, the doctor shared five daily health habits he advises his patients to help them achieve longevity. About it writes portal “Doctor Peter”. It’s important … Read more

Title: “Defeating Trump in the 2024 Primaries: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Optimistic”

2023-07-18 23:45:28 Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis (right) was optimistic on Tuesday about the possibility of defeating former President Donald Trump, the top favorite, in the 2024 Republican primaries, while hoping that the investigation would not end in impeachment of which the former president is subject. Miami Herald Staff MIAMI The governor of … Read more