Creation of the National Cybersecurity Agency gains strength in Congress after hacking the EMCO | National

The Minister of Defense, Maya Fernández, confirmed that each branch of the Armed Forces must carry out administrative summaries, to clarify the content of the leaked emails in the cyberattack on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In parallel, Congress will begin to discuss legislative changes, which includes the creation of a National Cybersecurity Agency. The … Read more

Hackers speak: they reveal that the Joint Chiefs of Staff “chose” not to repair the flaw that made the attack possible | bbcl_investigates

“A Chilean cybersecurity company alerted (of the vulnerability) in August 2021 (…) The EMCO chose to leave it open.” The explanation corresponds to the Guacamaya hacktivist group, a collective that leaked more than 400,000 reserved emails from the Joint Chiefs of Staff (EMCO), an advisory body to the Ministry of Defense on matters of the … Read more

Pangal Andrade: the serious complaint of his girlfriend Meli Noto

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 20/9/2022 · 01:01 hs Pangal Andrade is one of the most prominent ‘influencers’ in the country whose official Instagram account is dedicated to sharing his passion: extreme sports. So much so that far from negative messages or bad vibes, his digital profile is decorated with hundreds of extraordinary postcards of the … Read more

Suspicion of illegal leaking of V-Jennie’s photos, the media focused only on dating rumors

“V-Jenny’s new couple photo, a dazzling forehead kiss” (2nd, Sports Kyunghyang) “‘The 4th dating rumor’ Jennie ♥ V, forehead kiss → video call?” (2nd, Money S) Looking at the titles of the articles, it seems that BTS member V (Kim Tae-hyung) and Black Pink member Jenny (Kim Jennie) are dating rumors. Judging from the title … Read more

North Korean hackers steal $100 million worth of cryptocurrency from US firm | North Korean hackers steal from US firm

Washington: Hackers from North Korea stole $100 million worth of cryptocurrency from a US firm. The money was stolen from an organization called Horizon Bridge on June 23. They use the blockchain called Harmony. This way cryptocurrency can be transferred from one blockchain to another. Experts have earlier raised suspicions that hackers are helping the … Read more

Chip shortage forces Canon to explain how to ‘hack’ their printers

The company instructs its users to install unofficial ink cartridges in the absence of components used by the official In recent months the world has been experiencing a global crisis of scarcity of chips Y semiconductors It has affected multiple industries that live off these components, from consumer electronics to automotive. In addition to multiple … Read more