For ransomware groups, the golden age may be over

After several years of rampant growth and huge profits, the golden age may be over for computer ransomers, who are facing more resistance. A scourge that has caused billions of dollars of damage on the planet, ransomware blocks access to the data of victims, who can no longer use their computers. The decryption key is … Read more

Hoteliers and their customers victims of cyberattacks via the platform

Hoteliers and their customers are the target of cyberattacks targeting their interface with the reservation platform, alerted Friday the employers’ union of the hotel and catering industry, the GNI, which invites the professional victims to disconnect from the site, to warn their customers and file a complaint. Since the end of December, cybercriminals have … Read more

The AMF warns against a campaign of fund recovery scams

The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) warned Thursday against fraudulent calls from people posing as agents of the stock market policeman and claiming to help savers recover lost sums of money. “Around 50 savers” reported to the AMF that they had received a phone call from a person posing as an “AMF investigator” and claiming to … Read more

By car or for production, the automobile is testing the metaverse

Allowing the driver to immerse themselves in a movie, selling cars at a virtual dealership, simulating the installation of a new part in the engine: several manufacturers and equipment suppliers showed at the Las Vegas technology show how they are experimenting with the metaverse. With or without a virtual reality headset, the metaverse invites you … Read more

Hebdo Games : Project Leonardo, PS5 (PS5)

Another very sad week. We have found only two pieces of information for you and both relate to the PS5. Project Leonardo Playstation has announced this controller specially dedicated to the accessibility of video games for people with disabilities. Here is what the manufacturer says: « Material CustomizationsAmong the main features, the kit has interchangeable … Read more

Vidéo Replay : Throne And Liberty, SEGA, Xbox, God Of War (PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One)

One more short week. You are entitled to Throne And Liberty preview and retrospectives and acknowledgments. Throne And Liberty (MMORPG – PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series – NCSOFT) will arrive in 2023. And here is a first video. SEGA now offers its review of 2022. Xbox does the same! And here is a short … Read more