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After 2 consecutive months of make-up classes, I believe everyone is physically and mentally exhausted. If you don’t want to go out to play during the Qingming holiday, you might as well stay at home to rest and watch dramas! Netflix has recently announced the list of the latest releases and removals of movies and series in April. The release list includes the touching and healing Korean drama “Bad Mom” ​​starring Li Daoyan, Netflix’s original Korean drama “Making the Latter” and the American adventure action series “Sweet Tooth: The Boy with Antlers”; among the off-shelf films, the Korean erotic psychological thriller “The Temptation of the Maid”, the film history classic “Saving Private Ryan” and the suspenseful classic “Perfume” made netizens sigh. Movies and albums that will be released and removed in April, quickly add these good dramas and movies to the playlist, and use your free time to rewatch and catch up!

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Movies to be removed from Netflix in April:

April 1st

“Saving Private Ryan”

April 8

“Substitution, Killing, Slashing”

April 11th

“Shrek happy 4 fairy”

April 12

“Temporarily Stop Breathing 2”

April 25th

《Servant Temptation》

April 30

“Corpse Paradise”
“Pacific Rim”

Netflix to remove series in April:

April 3

“Pokémon XY: XY: Kalos Quest”

April 15th

“Pokémon XY: XYZ”

April 24th

“Pokémon: Sun & Moon”

April 30

“Yongjiu Tangerine Shop”
“Half Demon Yasha Princess”
Mature Men Don’t Marry: Seasons 1-2

Netflix dropped its playlist in April. (Picture/taken from Netflix official Facebook)

Movies on Netflix in April:

April 8

“The Hunger Games”

April 14th

Deathstroke for Seven Kings

April 15th

Fast and Furious 9

April 18th

“Get Rich”

April 21st

“True Love Tour Guide”

April 20th

“The Crocodile Singer”

Netflix releases in April:

April 1st

“Heaven and Hell: Crazy 2”

April 6

“Angry Life”

April 7

“Where the wind blows”

April 13th

“Baby Laoyue: Rejuvenation” Season 2

April 14th

“The Maker”

April 15th

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 13
‘The Real Life of a Lady of Beverly Hills’ Season 8

April 17th

“Camping is busy”

The Netflix playlist will be available in April.  (Picture/taken from Netflix official Facebook)

The Netflix playlist will be available in April. (Picture/taken from Netflix official Facebook)

The full list of Netflix’s April playlists is on and off!

After Netflix announced the list of on and off shelves in March, looking at the comments from netizens, the most people are looking forward to the second season of the American adventure action series “Sweet Tooth: Boy with Antlers”Antler Boy is finally on! ! ! ! !long wait“, “Antlers Boy Finally!!! Wait until the little boy grows up”, “Antlers!!!!”; South Korean erotic thriller “The Temptation of the Daughter” and the classic war film “Saving Ryan” Both “Soldier” and “Pokémon” were named, “The next girl is super pretty!」、「Private Ryan is a classic!Don’t take it off the shelf“, “Is Pokémon going to be taken off the shelves… My kids are going to riot”, “Shrek QQ”, “Netflix has too few war movies! Come on”.

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