Strange bird footprints, 60 million years before they appeared

2023-12-05 14:25:04 In southern Africa, unknown animals left bird-like tracks long before the oldest known representatives of this genus. At first glance, these little prints look a lot like those of birds. Birds, like we come across almost every day on all continents. Except that these prints are almost 200 million years old, a time … Read more

The Key to Longevity: How a Balanced Diet Can Add Years to Your Life

2023-12-04 10:36:18 By Anne Prigent Published yesterday at 4:39 p.m., Updated 2 hours ago The diet associated with the lowest mortality contains whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, fish, milk or dairy products, and meat, according to a study published in the journal Nature Food. white. BERNARD BODO – Balanced meals bring a real … Read more

Revolutionary Therapeutic Innovation for Depression – Marcel Dassault Prize Winner

2023-11-21 18:00:00 DECRYPTION – The work of a French researcher exploring a new therapeutic target received the Marcel Dassault Prize for innovation in psychiatry. Heal the depression by simply taking a medication, and spare patients the profound repercussions of the disease on their mental life, their cognitive abilities and their social life? A dream that … Read more

Unlocking Clear Vision: Everything You Need to Know About Myopia Surgery in France

2023-11-20 05:00:00 OUR HEALTH ADVICE – Every year in France, 100,000 to 200,000 people take the plunge and have their myopia operated on. The goal: to do without glasses or contact lenses. Who is eligible, how does the operation work, what are the risks? Answers with a specialist. Recover good eyesight thanks to a laser. … Read more

“Protection of the starry sky is progressing”

2023-11-19 18:26:19 Éric Lagadec is an astrophysicist at the Côte d’Azur Observatory. Dylan Meiffret/PHOTOPQR/NICE MATIN/MAXPPP INTERVIEW – The French astrophysicist defends the fight against light pollution so that, as since the beginning of humanity, everyone can marvel at the spectacle of the stars. AND ric Lagadec is an astrophysicist at the Côte d’Azur Observatory in … Read more

a spectacular shower of shooting stars expected from midnight

2023-11-17 21:32:06 By ST Published now, Updated now During the passing of shooting stars last August. Miguel MEDINA / AFP These comet dust will be visible during the night from Friday to Saturday, and until dawn. To see them in the best conditions, you will have to move away from the cities. A new shower … Read more

A powerful flash of cosmic light disrupted Earth’s atmosphere

2023-11-14 17:26:52 By Le Figaro with AFP Published 33 minutes ago, Updated 1 minute ago ” data-script=” > The gigantic gamma ray flare, the brightest ever observed by astronomers, illuminated telescopes for seven minutes. A flash of light of record energy, which reached Earth last year after a journey of two billion light years through … Read more

First FDA-Approved Chikungunya Vaccine: Ixchiq by Valneva Group

2023-11-09 23:36:31 By Le Figaro with AFP Published 2 hours ago, Updated 2 hours ago Chikungunya is a virus transmitted to humans by mosquito bites. wirakorn / The vaccine, which will be marketed under the name Ixchiq, is authorized for people 18 years and older at increased risk of exposure to the virus, the … Read more