The Science of Zombie Games: Escaping Time Pressure and Real Life Applications

2023-11-13 10:16:54 Zombie Games Zombie computer games are very popular. Among the wide variety of zombie games, an escape game has caught the attention of scientists. This game actually brings a group of people into a large house with many rooms and corridors, and then the staff arranges for them to wait in a room … Read more

The Science of Brainlessness: How ‘Brainless People’ Defy the Odds

2023-11-10 09:09:45 From the mouth of ordinary people, “brainless” may be just a slightly ironic curse, but from the mouth of a brain doctor, “you have no brain”, it means that you are brainless in the physical sense. Yes, the phenomenon of “brainlessness” is real in medicine and is called “brainless people.” In our common … Read more

Rank High in Google Searches with “Reverse Thinking: Rethinking Conventional Wisdom and Finding New Perspectives”

2023-11-04 14:56:44 -Read Adam. Grant’s “Reverse Thinking” Have you ever seen a cleaner who cares more about patients than the medical staff? Why do you think she has this intention? Since “Reverse Thinking” was published last year, it has been frequently quoted and shared by many master writers. Each example is impressive and can be … Read more

Asteroid Bennu Threat: NASA Scientists Predict Devastating Impact on Earth in 159 Years – Urgently Seeking Solution

2023-09-18 09:45:16 NASA scientists have calculated that an asteroid may hit the Earth with an impact equivalent to the explosion of 22 atomic bombs. Now scientists are working hard to change its course and predict that it will hit the Earth on September 24, 2182. An asteroid named Bennu may hit the earth in 159 … Read more

Potential End of the World: NASA Scientists Predict Asteroid Impact in 2182

2023-09-18 09:45:16 NASA scientists in the United States have calculated that an asteroid hole will hit the earth in 2182, which will be as powerful as 22 atomic bombs detonating. (Illustration/reproduced from Pixabay) NASA scientists have calculated that an asteroid may hit the earth with an impact equivalent to the explosion of 22 atomic bombs. … Read more

Mysterious forces appear in the center of the Milky Way Scientists: They prevent cosmic rays from entering | The center of the galaxy | Mysterious forces | Scientists | Cosmic rays | Black holes | Milky Way |

[Voice of Hope April 4, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao) The center of the Milky Way is shrouded in countless mysteries, such as the ubiquitous cosmic rays after leaving the earth, but there is a mysterious barrier area in the center of the Milky Way that can block the penetration of cosmic rays. As the cosmic rays … Read more

The Universe or a Giant Biological Scientist: The Black Hole is Responsible for Cleaning up Waste | Universe | Giant Creature | Scientist | Black Hole | Excretion | Waste

[Voice of Hope March 17, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao) What is the universe, I believe this is not just a patent for scientists to study, ordinary people will also think about it when they have time. It’s just that compared with scientists, our statements and ideas don’t have much credibility, but this does not hinder our … Read more

Black holes are the source of dark energy Scientists: Consistent with Einstein’s predictions | black holes | dark energy | scientists | Einstein | predictions | universe

[Voice of Hope February 25, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao) The laws of physics state that gravity causes the universe to contract, but scientists have discovered that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. They call the mysterious force causing the expansion of the universe “dark energy”. Nearly 70% of the energy in the universe is … Read more