“The Vibrating Milky Way: Discoveries from the Gaia Satellite”

2023-05-29 16:57:29 [Voice of Hope May 29, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao) More than two hundred years ago, William Herschel, the discoverer of Uranus, first tried to draw a map of the Milky Way by scientific means, but limited observation equipment limited his performance, and the results of the drawing were in and out of the Milky … Read more

“Exploring the Mysteries of the Milky Way: A Guide to Our Galaxy’s Size, Blackholes, and More”

2023-05-12 22:08:30 Jongjin Park There is a famous nursery rhyme called Half Moon that begins with ‘Blue Sky Milky Way’. The Milky Way, which appears in the first line of the song, is the name of the galaxy we belong to. In addition to the Milky Way, there are scientifically estimated 2 trillion galaxies in … Read more

Mysterious forces appear in the center of the Milky Way Scientists: They prevent cosmic rays from entering | The center of the galaxy | Mysterious forces | Scientists | Cosmic rays | Black holes | Milky Way |

[Voice of Hope April 4, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao) The center of the Milky Way is shrouded in countless mysteries, such as the ubiquitous cosmic rays after leaving the earth, but there is a mysterious barrier area in the center of the Milky Way that can block the penetration of cosmic rays. As the cosmic rays … Read more

The James Webb Telescope captures a Milky Way-like galaxy a billion light-years away

Written by Samah Labib Wednesday, February 15, 2023 10:00 PM Astronomers used it European Space AgencyThe star system LEDA 2046648 is located a billion light-years away from our system in the constellation Hercules, and contains thousands of galaxies, trillions of stars and countless planets, according to the engadget report. The European Space Agency released the … Read more