The war in Gaza cuts short the flight of Palestinian refugees towards the EU |

When the Israeli attacks on Gaza began last October, the Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum, Dimitris Kairidis, expressed concern that this new conflict would lead to an increase in irregular immigration. “As if the multitude of flashpoints in North Africa and Syria were not already pushing thousands of migrants towards Europe, now this,” he … Read more

A migrant who was evacuated by helicopter from Alborán dies in the hospital | Spain

One of the migrants who arrived last week in Alborán, a Spanish islet of only seven hectares located in the middle of the Mediterranean, died this Saturday at the Torrecárdenas University Hospital (Almería), after having been evacuated last Sunday from the island. , located between North Africa and Almería. Hospital sources have explained to Europa … Read more

USS Gerald R. Ford and US Warships Presence in Mediterranean – US Military Deployment Updates

2023-12-17 01:45:01 The Secretary of Defense of USALloyd Austin, has ordered the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford and another warship extend their presence in the Mediterranean Sea for several additional weeks. This measure aims to keep two aircraft carriers close to Israel as their war with Hamasas reported by US officials. USS Gerald R. … Read more

why the repeal of the anti-migrant smugglers law worries the European Union

2023-12-01 17:32:33 In Niger, the ruling military junta on Monday repealed a law which had criminalized migrant smuggling since 2015. The European Union immediately said it regretted this decision which should increase migratory flows towards Europe, but in Agadez, it is the entire local economy that could benefit from it. Published on : 01/12/2023 – … Read more

Travel Warning for Israel: Updates, Evacuation Support, and Crisis Preparedness Information

2023-10-15 08:02:55 The Foreign Office has issued a travel warning for Israel. The travel warning also applies to the entire Palestinian territories and Lebanon, said a spokesman for the Foreign Office in Berlin. The crisis team also decided to strengthen the crisis support teams already deployed to the region. There has been a travel warning … Read more

Latest Updates on Israel-Hamas Conflict: China Mediates, Ground Offensive Postponed, Bundeswehr Returns, and USA Sends Second Aircraft Carrier

2023-10-15 02:49:00 The USA is moving another aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean. The Bundeswehr is bringing back 80 Germans. All information in the news blog. The most important things at a glanceLoading… Embed The Islamist terrorist organization Hamas has attacked Israel. This live blog informs you about the current developments: China sends mediators 4.45 a.m.: … Read more

EU Urged to Take Action on Mediterranean Route: Lampedusa Faces Influx of Foreign Migrants

2023-09-16 01:02:36 Foreign migrants on Lampedusa Meloni calls for EU action to block the Mediterranean route As of: 03:02 a.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Source: dpa/Szilard Koszticsak Italy’s head of government Giorgia Meloni sees the EU as having a duty to use the navy to stop boats from smugglers … Read more

Record-Breaking Influx of Migrants: Over 5,000 Reach Lampedusa in a Single Day

2023-09-13 16:55:52 Panorama Mediterranean More than 5,000 migrants reach Lampedusa in one day As of: 6:55 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Almost 2,500 migrants landed in one day The number of migrant boats arriving in Lampedusa is increasing sharply. In a single day, almost 2,500 people – more than ever in such a short … Read more