In Goma, families demand justice after the repression of August 30

2023-09-19 20:31:12 Published on : 19/09/2023 – 22:31 In DR Congo, mourning and anger in Goma in the east of the country… Three weeks after the violent repression of an attempted demonstration by the army, families bury their dead. Nearly 60 civilians lost their lives according to the official toll. The government funded this burial … Read more

Defensive Alliance: Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger Join Forces Against Terrorism in the Sahel Region

2023-09-17 07:51:59 The military regimes of Maliof Burkina Faso a you Niger signed a charter on Saturday September 16 establishing a defensive alliance, the ministerial delegations of the three countries announced in Bamako, capital of Mali. This “Charter of Liptako-Gourma” creates “the Alliance of States of Sahel” (AES), wrote on . The charter provides (art. … Read more

Title: “Niger’s Foreign Minister on Potential Military Intervention by ECOWAS: An Exclusive Interview”

2023-09-05 05:07:16 Published on: 05/09/2023 – 07:07 Nigerien Foreign Minister Hassoumi Massaoudou. © AFP/Bertrand Guay In Niger, will there be a military intervention by ECOWAS or on the contrary an agreement with the putschist soldiers, as they declared on the evening of September 4? Hassoumi Massaoudou, Minister of Foreign Affairs in President Bazoum’s government, continues … Read more

Reopening of Niger’s Airspace: Latest Updates and Impact of ECOWAS Sanctions

2023-09-04 16:12:58 The military regime resulting from a coup d’etat in Niger decided to reopen, Monday, September 4, its airspace to commercial flights, closed since August 6, according to the Nigerian Press Agency (ANP, official). “The airspace of the Republic of Niger is open to all national and international commercial flights,” said a spokesman for … Read more

Foreign Minister maintains that military intervention is necessary

2023-09-03 10:39:57 Questioned on Sunday on the set of France 24, the Minister of Foreign Affairs under the presidency of Mohamed Bazoum, overthrown by a coup, maintained that a military intervention against the junta in power in Niger was necessary. He also gave news of the deposed president, under house arrest, who remains “combative”. Published … Read more

President Bola Tinubu’s Stance on the Use of Force and Potential Transition in Niger: Latest Updates

2023-09-01 14:01:59 The Nigerian President has been saying for a while that the use of force is the last option being considered. ” No one is interested in a war “, declared in particular Tinubu ball during his meeting with Islamic clerics on Thursday. The president then referred to the nine-month transition that took place … Read more