“Our happiness has to do with the ability to decide”

Since childhood, most people live conditioned by what others decide for them. Also for material aspirations, many of them unnecessary. This vital cocktail is seasoned with a pinch of excess urgency and responsibility, often without sense, and around an artificial world that, far from leading us towards our well-being, guides us down paths of dissatisfaction. … Read more

“This is me”, the answer that complicates one of the rugbiers who wanted to get rid of crime

“There are groups that cannot even name that there was a crime. Beyond the criminal responsibilities that justice will determine, this makes us reflect on what it means to be a man, an athlete, a friend, masculinity exacerbated in the culture of endurance and this of the supposed supremacy of some over others”, said the … Read more

Rugby players Lucas Pertossi and Blas Cinalli sought to get rid of Fernando’s beating and denied a plan to kill him

While the interreligious ceremony continues in Dolores, tourists, locals and many religious people occupied the entire block in front of the Le Brique bowling alley. The end came with cries of “justice” and “life” for the crime of Fernando, murdered three days ago on that block. At the end of the mass, the “Justice for … Read more

Ciro Pertossi declared that he stopped a kick when he saw Fernando defenseless and explained the audio of “no one is told anything”

After the statements given this Monday by the mothers of Máximo Thomsen (23) and Blas Cinalli (21), for the twelfth day it is expected that those of Enzo Comelli (22), María Alejandra Guillén, and Ayrton Viollaz (23 ), Erika Pizzatti, and those of the father of Matías Benicelli (23), Héctor Eduardo Benicelli, and that of … Read more

confirm that there was DNA from rugby player Blas Cinalli on Fernando’s little finger

The lawyer for the Báez Sosa family, Fernando Burlando, assured this Wednesday that based on the testimonies and expertise presented so far in the trial, it was possible to determine that “they killed him in less than a minute”. In an interview with C5N before the eighth hearing, he recounted that the testimonies showed that … Read more

a “zigzag” footprint proved that Thomsen hit the kick that was marked on Fernando’s face

Graciela recalled that this Tuesday, January 10, was the last time she was with Fernando: “We are a long-suffering mother and father. Fernando is in a place from which he will never return. Fernando left three years ago today and never returned. Today It is the last day that I gave my son a hug. … Read more