“Betplay League Insights and Analysis by Luis Fernando Montoya”

2023-05-11 23:27:11 Betplay League Luis Fernando Montoya highlighted the greats of the FPC and valued Darwin Quintero for his level of play Luis Fernando Montoya. Photo: Jaiver Nieto Alvarez | TIME By: Writing Footballred May 11, 2023, 06:26 p.m. m. Professor Luis Fernando Montoya made it clear that the greats of Colombian soccer (Millionaires, América … Read more

“The Betplay League: Latest News and Updates on Colombian Football”

2023-05-05 04:55:18 Betplay League The purslane mocked mercilessly after the 2-1 draw in the FPC classic, which was played in Medellín. National Athletic Photo: Twitter @nacionaloficial By: Writing Footballred May 04, 2023, 11:54 p.m. m. Although he won (2-1) with arbitration controversy, Atlético Nacional celebrated the victory against América de Cali on their social networks … Read more

“Cali’s Thrashing of Alianza Petrolera: Deportivo Cali’s Road to the Group of Eight in 2023 Betplay League”

2023-04-22 23:15:39 Sugar fans don’t change for anyone. Cali thrashed Alianza and is excited about the eight. Deportivo Cali came back to life. This Saturday he conceded his second victory in a row and against a direct rival in the descent. Those of Jorge Luis Pinto surpassed, nothing more and nothing less than Alianza Petrolera, … Read more

Until when is there a deadline? Closing of the market in Liga Betplay is coming

In the last week the teams have moved and have announced several contracts for 2023. Colombian soccer clubs that still have quotas will have two weeks to register players and complete their squads. The term will end on Friday, February 24, when the sixth day of the Betplay I-2023 League is about to take place. … Read more

Who will be the first coach to come out in the BetPlay I-2023 League?

Betplay League Although the championship is just beginning, there are three coaches who are criticized by the fans. Liga BetPlay I-2023. Photo: Dimayor By: Writing Footballred February 7, 2023, 01:28 a.m. m. The BetPlay I-2023 League has just started and there are already coaches who would be suffering to stay in their position. In light … Read more

Jesús Hernández presented medical examinations with Junior and left after failing to reach an economic agreement | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

Junior de Barranquilla has been one of the Colombian soccer teams that have added the most reinforcements for the 2023 season, where they hope to make a good presentation in the Copa Sudamericana and win the BetPlay League title, the latter, overcoming the unfortunate performance in the closing. With the incorporation of players such as … Read more