Junior NEWS: Marlon Torres would leave America to be signed

Junior from Barranquilla It continues to advance the preseason for the BetPlay 2022 League and the South American Cup, which it agreed to by reclassification and will face La Equidad in the first phase.

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Thus, the team that is now led by the Argentine Juan Cruz Real, has confirmed four incorporations, to which it is estimated that former Deportes Tolima Nilson Castrillón and Omar Albornoz will join.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that the technical director has now asked the board to hire a central defender, and the one chosen by the strategist would be Marlon Torres.

Well, the defender was part of the payroll that from the hand of the Argentine won the 2020 BetPlay League title and it would be seen with good eyes by the managers of the team.

Torres, 25, defends the interests of America since 2019 when he arrived from Atlético Bucaramanga, and in the ‘scarlet’ he has played 119 games, making himself present on the scoreboard twice.

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Thus, an important piece of the American group would be about to leave for Barranquilla lands to join the project of one of the groups that is best being put together in the country.


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