The real Promise Nine to be unlocked with the first full album

2023-06-05 06:16:02

Reporter Lee Deok-haeng of Money Today Reporter ize | 2023.06.05 15:16

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For all artists, regular albums have a special meaning. From the number of tracks included in the album to the completeness of the title song to the theme consciousness that runs through the album, it is different from ordinary singles and mini-albums. In other words, when an artist releases a regular album, it means that there is a story they want to tell.

Fromis 9’s first full-length album ‘Unlock My World’, which will be released on the 5th, attracts more attention. The introductory phrase, which contains the will to face the wider world with an unadorned and honest ‘real me’, rather than fitting myself into the eyes and utopia of others, is similar to the theme consciousness that many new girl groups are promoting recently. However, the ‘real me’ that the 6-year-old Fromis Nine talks about is inevitably different from that of a rookie girl group.

Roh Ji-sun said, “I thought a lot because it had a lot of meaning. After discussion and discussion, it was decided to express ‘I’ as the theme. I thought I could show my sincerity and growth to the public. Rather than bright songs, I prepared songs that are deep and contain me.” He explained the meaning of the regular album.

Park Ji-won introduced, “It contains the will to show a broader spectrum by challenging various genres. It contains various aspects, from lonely and forlorn aspects to overcoming it.” Lee Sae-rom added, “Since it’s our first full-length album, I was full of desire to release good music. I communicated a lot with the members and prepared it by putting my heart and soul into every detail.”

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The title song ‘#menow’ is the song that best expresses the theme of this album. It contains the desire to honestly show people who I am right now and get closer to them. He hesitates to show the true me to others, but in the end, it also contains the firmness of being confident in any image. Musically, the sophisticated and delicate vocals of the members and the contemporary rhythm were heavily harmonized.

Roh Ji-sun introduced, “There is an addictive and rich chorus in the chorus.” Lee Na-kyung added, “I think the addictive melody and heartfelt lyrics will increase listeners’ immersion.”

Like a regular album, the songs on the album are also diverse. This album, which contains a total of 10 songs, contains six group songs and four unit songs. The active participation of members such as Park Ji-won, who participated in writing and composing the lyrics for ‘Wishlist’, Baek Ji-heon, who participated in the lyrics for ‘In the Mirror’ and ‘Prom Night’, and Lee Seo-yeon and Lee Na-young, who were named composers of ‘My Night Routine’, are also outstanding. All members participated in writing the lyrics for ‘Eye Contact’, and Song Ha-young participated in the composition, adding a special touch.

Song Ha-young emphasized, “I hope you will pay attention to our new attempt. In addition, Lee Chae-young said, “More than ever, the focus seems to have been on the confident me and the me I love. All the members had time to look back on themselves, and we had a lot of honest conversations with each other and became stronger. We were all satisfied. It seems like a good result came out. The whole process of working on this album seems to be growing.”

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Fromis 9 achieved a ‘career high’ with the last album ‘from our Memento Box’. Through this album, the members expressed their desire to get closer to the public. He also expressed his desire to continue the achievements of the previous album.

Lee Sae-rom said, “I am grateful that the last album achieved good results. Because of that, I felt a little pressure, and since this album is a full-length album, I felt a sense of responsibility in many ways. All of our members are full of greed and ambition, so we plan to work hard. I hope the results will follow.” Lee Seo-yeon said, “I think many people will be thinking about myself. I thought a lot about how to approach it. This album is the answer we found with great difficulty. Because it contains our sincere hearts, many people will listen to our music. I hope you gain courage.”

Lastly, Park Ji-won said, “As all flowers bloom at different times, I think our flowering period is now. I hope I can reach you,” conveying an honest but firm heart.

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