City doesn’t support sorting? You have to pay to remove the empty trash bin!

Elga shows that in three months the household waste container was barely half full. A pensioner does not want to pay five euros every month for garbage collection, although she has practically nothing to throw in the bin. Considering that Elga refuses to pay for a service that she does not need, now a debt … Read more

KLHK takes action against 55 containers containing illegally processed wood from Kalimantan – 2024-03-24 04:37:34

Gakkum LHK has again succeeded in securing 55 containers containing processed wood of the Ulin, Meranti, Bengkirai and Mixed Forest types totaling ± 767 m3 (Antara) ON March 2-8 2024, the Directorate General of Environmental and Forestry Law Enforcement (Gakkum LHK) again succeeded in confiscating 55 containers containing ± 767 m3 of processed Ulin, Meranti, … Read more

for illegal occupation of a private plot, a container creates discord –

Land disputes have become legion in Gabon. Not a single month goes by without the press talking about it with breathtaking headlines. Although the files of land disputes are in the Courts and Tribunals, the phenomenon struggles to be resolved in the majority of cases. In Port-Gentil, more precisely in the PG2 district in the … Read more

Red Sea Conflict Causes Shipping Route Disruptions: Impact on Global Trade and Economy

2023-12-20 13:13:52 According to foreign media reports on Wednesday (20th), as the United States considers how to respond to the latest threat to the global economy, more than 100 container ships are sailing long-distance routes around Africa to avoid violent conflicts in the Red Sea, but the move has caused additional transportation Cost and delivery … Read more

Why Are Prices Higher in Belgium? Factors Explained and Impact on Cross-Border Shopping

2023-12-19 17:33:00 What explains this price difference? First, the bottle tax. This is a 10c/L contribution on the product packaging. This tax does not exist in France, and therefore directly impacts the difference in the final amount. Then, VAT is slightly higher on our side of the border. Finally, note the soda tax in force … Read more

Caught in the Act: Thieves Caught Red-Handed in Liège Tram site

2023-08-08 10:00:00 This Monday evening, a witness had his attention drawn to the suspicious ride of two men, in a container installed in the tram site, on the Avroy side, in Liège. The two individuals were obviously busy searching the premises in search of loot to take away. of videos The Liège police were contacted … Read more

Breaking News: Body of Missing Kuwaiti Mubarak Al-Rashidi Found Wrapped in Carpet in Salmi Area

2023-05-25 19:02:57 Al-Marsad newspaper: The brother of the missing Kuwaiti, Mubarak Ali Al-Rashidi, who disappeared about 3 months ago, announced that he had received a call from the concerned authorities informing him that the body of his brother Mubarak had been found. And Kuwaiti media reported that the body of the late young man was … Read more

Chocolate factory explosion “container trucks were pushed up to the sky”, part of the factory area directly turned into flat ground | International | CTWANT

An explosion occurred at a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania, USA, and the container on the side was also blown into the sky. (Picture / Reposted from Twitter) Two people were killed and seven injured in an explosion at a chocolate factory in West Reading, Pennsylvania, on the 24th. The momentary picture of the explosion was … Read more