“Breaking News: Missing Abu Arish Found Dead in Jizan Hospital – Al-Marsad Newspaper Reports”

2023-05-17 13:36:54 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Today, Monday, the missing Anwar Mashi, known as “Missing Abu Arish”, was found dead after being run over in a hospital in Jizan. The “missing Abu Arish” was found today in a hospital in Jizan, after a search that lasted for more than a month. The Jazan Sawaeed Association for Rescue … Read more

Yahshush: Gunshot Victim Discovered in Car on Way to Wadi Nahr Ibrahim

The body of a man named M.B.Y., born in 1971 and from Zouk Mikael, was found in his Mitsubishi car at midnight. He had suffered a gunshot wound to the head from a 12mm hunting rifle on the road to Wadi Nahr Ibrahim-Yahshouch. The authorities immediately initiated an investigation to ascertain the circumstances of the … Read more

Scientists made a surprising discovery in the center of the Earth

The inner core of the Earth seems to harbor an intimate secret. Geology textbooks almost inevitably include a cutaway diagram of the Earth showing four clearly delineated layers: a thin outer layer of rock on which we live known as Cortex; he manto, where rocks flow like an extremely viscous liquid, driving the movement of … Read more

A missing mother, Khamis Mushait, reveals her reaction after her daughter was found…and explains the details of her health condition

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The mother of a missing woman, Khamis Mushait, expressed her great happiness after finding her daughter, Lina, 3 months after she went missing. The mother of the child, Lina, said, “I was overwhelmed by tricks while I was trying to reach her, as I was surprised by more than 7 calls on her … Read more

They find the body of the father of the family group disappeared in the tidal waves of Pingueral | National

Around noon this Tuesday, and after intensifying the search operation, the body of the father of the family group was found dragged by the tidal waves in Pingueral last Friday. The Navy confirmed that the body of the father of the family group was found dragged by the sea current in Pingueral, Tomé commune, Bío … Read more