“Go to the doctor immediately” .. Watch .. a female doctor reveals the most prominent symptoms of fatty liver disease

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A doctor revealed some symptoms that indicate fatty liver disease, pointing out that the majority of those suffering from this disease do not show symptoms. And she said, during a video clip posted on Tik Tok, that there are some symptoms that draw attention to fatty liver disease, including: “swelling in the abdomen, … Read more

Detection of a common symptom indicating infection with the deadly disease • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Night sweats are a common symptom that most people may feel, especially in the summer or when they have the flu, for example. And night sweats are a sign of something serious, including a type of blood cancer called myeloma, which is a cancer of a type of blood cell that affects the … Read more

These diets reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease

Healthy kidneys filter about half a cup of blood every minute, removing waste and extra water that forms after urine. On the 9th of March, which was announced “World Kidney Day, We find that about 850 million people suffer from kidney disease globally, as chronic kidney disease affects 1 in 10 adults worldwide, and if … Read more

Does drinking milk after eating fish cause vitiligo?.. Health experts settle the controversy

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Experts confirmed that there is no scientific evidence that eating milk after fish is harmful to health and leads to vitiligo or skin diseases. According to Al-Arabiya, experts said that it has not been scientifically proven that there is a need to avoid eating milk and fish together, but rather that curd is … Read more

Detect a warning sign that occurs during sleep that indicates serious heart disease

Al-Marsad newspaper: A recent study conducted by the American Heart Association revealed that people who suffer from sleep disorders may develop serious heart disease. According to Sky News, the study was conducted on a sample of 2032 people who monitored their sleep and wake-up times through smart watches on the wrist, to record detailed data … Read more

Detection of a sign in the hands indicating that a person has cancer • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A French report revealed a sign in the hands that could be a sign of lung cancer. According to the French “Borqua Doctor” website, this sign can be seen over time when the nails bend abnormally and the tips of the fingers gradually swell. The report stated that the sign on the tip … Read more