Increases 47,472 to the death toll from Covid-19 in Mexico

MEXICO CITY Official figures revealed that it amounted to 47 thousand 472 he body count by Covid-19 pandemic in Mexico, until yesterday, Saturday, August 1, … Read more

Viral TikTok: Peruvian tries to ‘troll’ his teacher with the subject of ‘Group 5’ in virtual class and receives severe punishment | video | photos | fail | blooper | pandemic | video call | Peruvian cumbia | heavy joke | social networks | Social networks

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Malaysia Prepares for Lockdown Again, Covid-19 Positive Case Continues to Rise Page all

KUALA LUMPUR, KOMPAS.com – Government Malaysia will re-enact lockdown or quarantine if the number of cases is positive Covid-19 reaching more than 100 cases per … Read more