Latest News Roundup: Shocking Death of Beloved Teacher, Car Accident on I-95, Labor Day Closures, Airline Flight Reductions, and More

2023-09-04 12:16:34

Today is Monday August 4 and these are the main news of the day:

1.- A South Florida community is shocked by the death of a beloved eighth grade math teacher. María Cruz was shot to death this weekend inside a house in southwest Miami-Dade. The teacher lost her life at the hands of a man who later committed suicide with a shot to the head. Another man who was found with serious injuries in the home was transported to Jackson South Hospital.

2.- We continue with an accident on the I-95 south highway, at the height of 62nd street in northwest Miami. Apparently a huge 18-wheeler collided with a silver Nissan car. An injured woman was treated at the side of the road by emergency personnel and then taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center. Another woman was also helped at the scene and was transported in another ambulance.

3.- Today on Labor Day, or Labor Day, all supermarkets and large chain stores will be open during their regular hours. However, public transportation, including Metro Rail, will operate on weekend schedules. Banks, post offices, libraries and schools, as well as county offices and courts, will remain closed.

4.- Two other airlines announced the reduction of their flights to Cuba from the United States. This comes just hours after JetBlue confirmed the suspension of all its trips to the island, effective September 17. Delta Airlines and United Airlines asked the federal authority to suspend several of their frequencies during the fall and winter, arguing that there are currently more flights and seats than the demand justifies.

5.- If you have felt anxiety when your cell phone is missing, it is possible that you suffer from “Nomophobia”. According to research published in BMC Psychiatry, adolescents are the most affected. But any age group can experience it. Symptoms can include agitation, sweating, disorientation, changes in breathing, and even rapid heartbeat. To combat it, you could try turning off your cell phone, leaving it at home to go for a walk, and experimenting with new hobbies that aren’t cell phone related.

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