Watch…the latest appearance of the musician “Jamil Mahmoud” singing “I am tired, I am in the world of passion”

2023-12-21 18:44:39 Al-Marsad newspaper: A circulating video clip documented the latest appearance of musician Jamil Mahmoud. Musician Jamil Mahmoud appeared during the video, sitting on a chair and singing “I am tired, I am in the world of passion,” and he seemed to interact greatly with the music and the song. It is worth noting … Read more

Preventing and Treating Diabetes: Expert Advice, Symptoms, and Complications

2023-11-28 22:00:00 Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 5:00 a.m. During a time when life is full of stress from various matters Many people often look for dessert first. Because besides being delicious It also helps to temporarily relieve stress. And when eating dessert doesn’t reduce stress It also makes you feel tired and your throat drier … Read more

Kuwaiti Actress Ilham Al-Fadala’s Health Crisis: Updates and Reassurances from the Hospital

2023-10-31 06:48:58 Kuwaiti actress Ilham Al-Fadala suffered from a health problem, and was subsequently transferred to the hospital. She later reassured her followers of her health with a video she shared on social media, especially with the constant calls she received. Elham showed signs of fatigue, confirming that she was in good health after going … Read more

Key Differences Between the Common Cold and the Flu: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

2023-10-30 03:40:39 If you have three “systemic” symptoms such as fever, headache, body aches, and fatigue, you may be infected with the flu. (Schematic diagram/extracted from TPG Dazhi Image) Autumn and winter are active periods for respiratory viruses. Recently, three viruses, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and influenza, have appeared together, and the number of … Read more

Effective Tips to Beat the Winter Blues: Fresh Air, Exercise, Light Therapy, and More

2023-10-10 15:19:00 10.10.2023 17:19 (Akt. 10.10.2023 17:19) These tips will help against the winter blues. ©Canva (symbol image) The winter blues make you feel lethargic and tired in the winter months. Here you can find out what is best to do about it. Fatigue and an appetite for sweets are classic signs of the winter … Read more

Causes of Exhaustion in Men: Solutions and Nutritional Remedies

2023-08-14 01:40:00 sensetiredIt’s a common problem that affects men in many ways. The cause of the watertiredIn men, there may be factors caused bystress or even an unbalanced diet then there will be food What kinds of nutrients can help relieve fatigue? What is the cause of exhaustion in men?Is there a solution? What can … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Hemorrhoids: Prevention, Causes, and Treatment Methods

2023-07-20 07:48:15 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The family doctor, Dr. Saud Al-Shehri, revealed the cause of hemorrhoids and methods of prevention. Al-Shehri said in a video clip that he posted on his Twitter account: Walking does not cause hemorrhoids, but if there are hemorrhoids according to their location, and perhaps intense walking with friction does not cause … Read more

Overworked and Unmotivated: The Key to Living a Healthier Life in the UK

2023-07-13 09:10:00 Key points: Research shows that people in the UK They are overworked (35%) and lack the motivation (38%) to improve their health. Data from the “World Cancer Research Fund” previously estimated that 40% of all cancers could be avoided. can be avoided If people live healthier lives The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) … Read more