Kuwaiti Actress Ilham Al-Fadala’s Health Crisis: Updates and Reassurances from the Hospital

2023-10-31 06:48:58
Kuwaiti actress Ilham Al-Fadala suffered from a health problem, and was subsequently transferred to the hospital.

She later reassured her followers of her health with a video she shared on social media, especially with the constant calls she received.

Elham showed signs of fatigue, confirming that she was in good health after going through a painful health problem, and explained what happened to her during the arrest.

Regarding her health condition, she explained that what infected her was a new virus similar to Corona, and its symptoms are strange, saying: “Every day you find new symptoms, and it causes great chest fatigue, and general and severe fatigue to the point that I cannot describe the feeling of pain that afflicts me.”

She added, “But today, thank God, I am in better condition, and the doctor also reassured me. I thank everyone for calling and asking. My phone does not stop throughout the day and there are flowers everywhere. I thank everyone..”

Shihab Johar had shared a photo of his wife Elham on Snapchat, in which she appeared on the bed inside the hospital. He commented, saying: “The artist Elham Al-Fadala is going through a health crisis. May peace be upon you, my dear. You see no evil.” (et in Arabic)
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