Children spend so much time in front of screens that they develop diseases seen in 60-somethings

Experts are sounding the alarm over the deteriorating eye health of six-year-old children, who are already developing diseases seen in sixty-somethings. The main culprit who is in the crosshairs of doctors? The time spent by our toddlers in front of screens. Dry eye is a disease that usually develops in people who are between 50 … Read more

Mobsuccess announces the appointment of Mathieu Boyer as “Global Growth Director”.

The Mobsuccess group announces the appointment of Mathieu Boyer, 36, as “Global Growth Director”. He will work alongside Nicolas Saraiva, Director of Partnerships at Mobsuccess, on the international development of the group, but also on the establishment of new partnerships. “After several years spent together developing Mozoo’s performance business from London, it’s a real pleasure … Read more

Wraptor completes its Ségur listings

Wraptor, publisher of solutions for health professionals, is once again praised for its positioning and the quality of its applications by accessing its referencing for the optional Biology and Imaging technical platforms profiles within the framework of the Ségur de la Santé. Already referenced Ségur PFI in April, Wraptor therefore completes its referencing through this … Read more

Russian-American conflict on TV

The debate between Russian figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze and American journalist Dave Lees turned into a controversial subject in the two countries’ media, where the first described the second as “full of boredom”. It came after Dave Less sparked speculation that Tutberids’ daughter Diana Davis could move with ice dancing partner Gleb Smolkin to … Read more

Apple supports iPhone 14 with revolutionary screen technology

Videos circulating through the “Apple Archive Thai” on the social networking site YouTube, revealed some leaks regarding the new version of the Apple Watch. “Camel” for phones iPhone 14and 14 Max, which comes with a screen protrusion design for the front camera, in addition to the fingerprint sensor feature integrated into the screen, which also … Read more