What did Dekjew do when he graduated? | Dek-D.com

2023-05-21 15:02:19 What did Dekjew do after graduating?– Gem and jewelry designer– metal product designer– Gem Analyst– Material Analyst – Gem and jewelry researcher– Teacher and lecturer in gems and jewelry– Academician in jewelry design– Supervisor of the jewelry production line and jewelry– Marketer or sales person in gem and jewelry business– A businessman engaged … Read more

“Burglary Attempt Foiled: Liège Police Arrest Two Suspects with Stolen Jewels”

2023-05-10 10:26:09 On the night of May 8 to 9, shortly after 3 a.m., the Liège police services noted, via the City’s surveillance cameras, that two individuals “were lingering” in front of the entrance door of the tavern. “Aux Augustins”, located at the corner of the street of the same name and Boulevard d’Avroy, in … Read more

The diamond from Charles III’s scepter claimed by South Africa

2023-05-06 09:30:19 Published on : 06/05/2023 – 11:30 The coronation of Charles III on Saturday rekindled calls in South Africa for the return to the country of the world’s largest diamond, the centerpiece of a scepter the monarch is to hold during the ceremony in London. This jewel, which weighs 530 carats, was found in … Read more

Controversy surrounding one of the biggest jewelry sales in history

2023-04-30 18:53:08 More than 700 jewels belonging to a deceased Austrian patron, whose husband had made his fortune under the Nazi regime, are to be sold by Christie’s. The auction house Christie’s launches from this Wednesday May 3 the online auction of hundreds of jewels that belonged to the Austrian billionaire Heidi Horten, whose husband, … Read more

Eternal diamonds with no impact on the environment

Despite all popular belief, synthetic diamonds offer an alternative that is just as qualitative but much more ecological. Diamonds may well be eternal, it seems, the Planet from which they are extracted much less… Therefore, for jewelry making, why not use laboratory diamonds, with the same qualities and chemical, physical and optical properties, as proposed … Read more