Cancer Prevention and Early Detection: Insights from Dr. Adam Batayneh, Oncology Specialist

2023-11-21 19:00:40

Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Adam Batayneh, a physician specializing in internal diseases and oncology and interested in diseases of aging, revealed that cancer can be avoided by 99% with a very simple procedure, which is early detection.

He said during an interview with the “Fanjan Podcast” program: “The biggest factor causing or linked to cancer is aging, and early detection is important to avoid cancer.”

He pointed out that there are some life things related to reducing the incidence of cancer, which are: “refraining from smoking and exercising 150 minutes per week to protect against 7 types of cancer.”

He pointed out that losing weight helps fight cancer, noting that insulin resistance and obesity are linked to cancer, especially uterine cancer.

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