New Study Reveals Link Between Ultra-Processed Foods and Mouth & Throat Cancer: Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-11-24 09:17:02

Al-Marsad newspaper: A new study revealed that eating a lot of ultra-processed foods can lead to mouth and throat cancer. According to the “Express” website.

The British Heart Foundation lists four foods, usually eaten at breakfast, as ultra-processed:


– Breakfast cereal.

– Bread produced in large quantities.

– Fruit flavored yogurt.

The results showed that eating 10% more UPFs was associated with a 23% increased risk of head and neck cancer, and a 24% increased risk of esophageal cancer.

In addition, the researchers believe that contaminants found in the packaging of UPFs in which they are kept, as well as the manufacturing process, could help explain the relationship between consumption of UPFs and mouth and throat cancer.

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