Ensuring Public Health and Safety: Al-Ghobeiry Municipality Closes Alyan Foodstuff Warehouse for Health Violations

2023-08-21 14:13:46 Al-Ghobeiry Municipality announced in a statement that health inspectors in the municipality, in the context of work aimed at protecting public health and safety and preventing cases of food poisoning, closed a food warehouse (Alyan Foodstuff Warehouse) for the person called (MA) in the Bir Hassan area – the Kuwaiti embassy, ​​​​for non-compliance. … Read more

Breakthrough Immunotherapy Drugs Show Promising Results, Revolutionizing Leukemia Treatment

2023-08-14 07:00:00 Dr Emma Searle, a consultant hematologist at Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, has revealed that a batch of new, yet-to-be-named, clinically-tried immunotherapy drugs has shown that some patients, such as those with multiple myeloma, are seeing a decrease in blood pressure. Their cancer rates are at undetectable levels. She said: “The results … Read more

Join the Air Service Crew in Saudi Airlines: Applications Open for High School Students and Above – Apply Now!

2023-07-12 13:31:32 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Saudi Airlines announced the opening of applications for both genders to join the air service crew in Saudi Airlines for high school students and above, as follows: Required conditions and skills: The applicant must be a Saudi national. The qualification should not be less than secondary school with a grade of … Read more

The number of abortions is increasing in Baalbek-Hermel: Syrian women make excuses for the situation.. as well as Lebanese women…

2023-07-10 21:00:00 Between ten and thirteen displaced Lebanese and Syrian women undergo abortions every week in the Baalbek-Hermel region, to end unwanted pregnancy despite its health risks. 65 percent of them are due to poor economic conditions and lack of financial readiness, and 35 percent of them perform unsafe abortions inside homes and camps for … Read more

Breaking News: Australia Legalizes Psilocybin and MDMA for Mental Illness Treatment

2023-07-01 15:07:00 Australia has become the first country in the world to allow the use of psilocybin, which is found in magic mushrooms, to treat some mental and mental illnesses. Psychiatrists can now prescribe MDMA to treat post-traumatic stress disorder and use “magic mushrooms” for some cases of depression. However, the decision requires that the … Read more

Minister of Health confirms no epidemic cases among pilgrims; focus shifts to non-epidemic risks

2023-06-27 12:01:12 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Minister of Health Fahd Al-Jalajil stated today, Tuesday, that no epidemic cases were recorded among the pilgrims. He said during an interview with Al-Arabiya channel today that we are going back to before the pandemic, by reaching 2 million pilgrims this season after the end of the pandemic. He pointed out … Read more