How to Deal with Divorce and Improve Family Relationships: Advice from Dr. Ahmed Al-Misnad

2023-10-05 08:15:33

Al-Marsad newspaper: Educational, family and social advisor, Dr. Ahmed Al-Misnad, revealed the reasons for the high divorce rate.

Al-Misnad said, during his interview on the “Sabah Saudi Arabia” program, that marriage is a train journey that passes through stations, so if a wrong station appears, you must get off from it, but there are couples who have problems from the beginning and they begin to skip stations until there are children, and separation occurs, and that is a big problem.

He continued that the legality of divorce is legislated only by Islam, and today they have reached the issue of establishing divorce in their law, pointing out that although divorce is not desirable, it may be a solution to a problem.

He advised that divorce should not be an issue in every problem between spouses, and that divorce should be dealt with in a correct manner.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that lags behind in the divorce rate, unlike other countries such as Russia and America: every 36 seconds there is a divorce, and in Egypt every 4 minutes there is a divorce, and Kuwait is the first rate in the Gulf.

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