Health issues a new clarification regarding Kempesh’s death

2023-04-20 22:50:30

The ministry said in a statement, “Furthermore to the joint statement issued by the Ministries of Health and Interior regarding the death of Saad Kambesh, the Ministry of Health states that the preliminary forensic medicine report usually refers to the apparent examination of the initial observations, and then is followed by an autopsy of the cavity and organs of the body, according to the applicable technical contexts.”

She added, “The clinical autopsy showed the presence of an old infarction (clot) in the heart muscle with hardening of the heart arteries. A piece of tissue was taken from the heart and sent for histological examination to investigate the presence of any new angina pectoris or heart attack,” confirming that “the autopsy showed the presence of edema (aggregation). fluid) in the lungs.

The health statement pointed out that “a forensic autopsy of the head was performed, and no traces of brain hemorrhage or skull fracture were found.”

And the statement added, “With regard to surface observations, the apparent surface abrasions resulted from the transfer of the corpse and the procedures of the medical and nursing staff in the emergency hall, as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial respiration, and pressure on the chest area are performed for any case of a newly deceased person’s arrival to the hospital and within the specified time period, according to the statement. Guidelines adopted in such cases.

And the statement continued, “The preliminary forensic medical report concludes that there is a heart attack (stroke) and the presence of hardening of the arteries of the heart with edema in the lungs. Samples were taken from the bowels of the body and sent for histological analysis. Other samples were taken from the body for toxicology examination in the specialized laboratories in the forensic medicine department in Baghdad.” According to the applicable contexts and controls.

On Thursday, the Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of the fugitive accused, former head of the Sunni Endowment, Saad Kambash, in the city of Mosul, after escaping from Baghdad, before his death was announced.

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