the big failure of appointments

Launched this Thursday, the portal intended for making an appointment to be vaccinated against Covid-19 had to close for an update, and will not … Read more

the owner has regained possession of the premises after police intervention

One of the premises of the restaurant in the 10th arrondissement of Paris had been squatted by activists for two months. The affair had caused … Read more

Would a biometric vital card make it possible to fight against social fraud?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – The LREM majority in the National Assembly rejected a bill issued by the Senate which aimed to create such a device. … Read more

“This offense of ecocide which will cause so much harm to the French economy …”

THE MACRONOMETER – A general offense of pollution and an offense of endangering the environment will be introduced. A reform rated 3/10 by the liberal … Read more

EU member states can no longer send their hazardous waste outside the OECD

In order to preserve the environment, plastic waste which cannot be recycled, or which is difficult to recycle, can no longer be exported to less … Read more

Washington announces additional tariffs on French and German products

The United States believes that this is a simple rebalancing measure, feeling aggrieved by the method of calculating European taxes. The United States announced Wednesday, … Read more

The great expectations of mini-Amazon in local version

DECRYPTION – These marketplaces dedicated to local commerce are growing like mushrooms. At the risk of disappearing as quickly as they appeared. Nancy, Metz, Saint-Brieuc, … Read more

French surgical masks struggle to resist the Chinese steamroller

The hexagonal sector has been relaunched. But above all it supplies caregivers, and not the general public. They are called Valmy, Kolmi-Hopen, Macopharma, Paul Boyé … Read more

Covid-19 stimulates unexpected solidarity between companies

The management of the crisis prompted companies to work hand in hand with competitors, or to activate for the survival of their customers. Michel-Edouard Leclerc … Read more