Hyundai Mobis builds another electric car plant in Georgia; George Soros triples investments in Tesla; GM plans massive entry into China

( New York 25.11.2022 – The supplier Hyundai Mobis will invest almost a billion in the construction of an electric car factory in Georgia. Data from the SEC showed that Soros Fund Management has increased its stake in Tesla in recent weeks. As the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, recently announced, the supplier Hyundai Mobis … Read more

Oil companies are already thinking about leaving Colombia due to uncertainty – Sectors – Economy

The combination of the tax reform, the impacts of the Escazú Agreement on the sector, uncertainty about the signing of new exploration and production contractsand the public order problems that are being registered in the regions, have led the oil companies to reconsider their plans to invest in Colombia. “There are companies that, without a … Read more

Salamanca will have the “most modern” nuclear medicine factory

The Junta de Castilla y León and the multinational company Novartis will promote the “most modern in Europe” nuclear medicine factory in the town of Castellanos de Moriscos in Salamanca. The company’s new plant will be operational in 24 months after an investment of 12.9 million euros and will have the capacity to manufacture some … Read more

Fixed term, dollar, shares or Bitcoin?: the winning investment

Inflation at levels close to 7% per month is complicating savers, who are looking for alternative ways to invest their pesos and not lose purchasing power. With this panorama, to know what is the most profitable instrumentiProfesional compared the purchase of dollars in the different markets, the placement in traditional fixed term and UVA, as … Read more

The Investment Fund begins receiving orders to sell green bonds in three tranches

Al-Marsad newspaper: A bank document showed today, Wednesday, that the Public Investment Fund has started receiving orders to sell green bonds for the first time, in three tranches for 5, 10 and 100 years. The Public Investment Fund gave initial price guidance for green bonds at about 150 basis points above US Treasuries (UST) for … Read more

5 reasons why Norilsk Nickel shares are falling

Norilsk Nickel shares have lost 47% since the beginning of 2022 and are now trading at about 12,450 rubles. If at the beginning of the year the securities looked stable relative to the market, then in the third quarter the decline accelerated. As the reasons for the fall of shares, we single out five main … Read more