the six-month interest rate falls to 3.6% and is below 3.45% at one year

This Tuesday, the Spanish Public Treasury placed 5,231.93 million euros in short-term debt, in the expected medium-high range. On this occasion, the agency dependent on the Government (more specifically, the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business) has offered less profitability for both six-month and 12-month bills. Investors anticipate that the European Central Bank (ECB) will … Read more

An explosion of investments in the BiPE Tripoli, stagnation and lockouts in Patras – 2024-04-06 14:07:34

The Industrial Area of ​​Tripoli is gradually turning into a drug production hub, with investments of 180 million euros and 1,000 new jobs. Three Greek pharmaceutical companies are currently setting up production units for substances and drugs in the Tripoli Biotechnology Institute, proving that Greece can be a drug production center for the whole of … Read more

This is what the attractions of the Water Factory look like. Almost everything is ready

The opportunity to see the Water Factory from the inside was provided by the city council’s visiting committee. The tour around the nooks and crannies of the water park and the educational center lasted almost two hours, and we still couldn’t see all the attractions. – As you can see, the facility is finished. We … Read more

Champaquí funds grow among individuals, and now aims at virtual wallets

2023-12-04 17:04:57 Common Investment Funds (FCI) are an increasingly used tool for people to place their surplus money. In recent years, they had exponential growth; and three years ago, in the midst of the pandemic, the Bank of Córdoba (Bancor) joined this phenomenon with its first fund, from the Champaquí family. Bancor Fondos is one … Read more

Aenza’s Corporate Reorganization and Future Growth: An Exclusive Interview with Management

2023-11-20 20:44:30 A few weeks ago (Management 10/26/2026) Aenza announced a corporate reorganization that aimed to leverage its growth. This announcement, added to a capital increase of US$ 22.5 million, is part of a new stage, of a new Aenza. In dialogue with Management, the company’s directors announce the next plans to follow. After your … Read more

The Global Fund’s Commitment to Climate-Resilient Health Systems and Recovery from COVID-19 Setbacks is Welcome News for HIV, TB, and Malaria Fight

2023-11-17 18:52:27 Global Fund Board welcomes recovery in fight against HIV, TB and malaria after COVID-19 setbacks, and commits to scaling up investments in climate-resilient health systems – Press Releases press release – The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 1700272765 #Global #Fund #Board #welcomes #recovery #fight #HIV #malaria #COVID19 #setbacks #commits #scaling … Read more

Trading results. We continue to grow, despite the collapse of oil and the strengthening of the ruble

2023-11-07 18:27:57 Main • The Russian market, after a positive opening, sank against the backdrop of falling oil prices and a strengthening ruble. Despite the fact that oil prices continued to decline, the Moscow Exchange index managed to rise in the second half of trading, closing at a new two-week high. • Following the initial … Read more