Good news.. Scientists have found a new method that detects 70 types of cancer in the early stages

Al-Marsad newspaper: A British company has succeeded in revealing a new method, by which it is possible to predict early, seventy types of cancer, in its early stages, through a blood test, called “Trucheck”. Scientists say this test detects almost every case of cancer, before the disease breaks out, allowing for better early treatment. According … Read more

Important news about housing loans… Payment soon on the 15 thousand price!?

Muhammad Wahba wrote in “Al-Akhbar”: In a preemptive step for the expected adjustments to the exchange rate to 15,000 pounds, the Banque du Liban decided that the prepayment of housing, educational and environmental loans would be exclusively in the loan currency. In clearer terms, “Zamat” is for those whose loan currency was in dollars and … Read more

The first response from Fares Karam to the news of his summons after the lawsuit of Myriam Fares

The Lebanese artist, Fares Karam, ignored the news of his summons after the lawsuit filed against him by the Lebanese artist, Myriam Fares, for the crime of slander and slander after he offended her in a tweet he posted on his Twitter account. In the details, the Lebanese journalist Rola Nasr published on his Twitter … Read more

Good news from the “Passports” for citizens regarding the passport • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The General Directorate of Passports announced that male and female citizens have the right to obtain a passport whenever they want, indicating that the expiration of the passport’s validity does not entail any financial fines. She explained that the passport of a family member can only be renewed for those under 21 years … Read more

In the video, Al-Faraj reveals the details of a shocking news to the fans of Al-Ittihad, and Aref Yaqab!

Sports Observatory: The journalist Walid Al-Faraj said that the Wolverhampton club management recently contacted Nuno Santo, the coach of the Al-Ittihad team, with the aim of persuading him to leave the leadership of the federal team and take over the training of the English team. During tonight’s episode of the program “Action with Walid”, Al-Farraj … Read more