Due to changed street names in Riga, a taxi ride was three times more expensive

During the trip, the driver became confused and realized that the navigation was leading somewhere else, and not to the address indicated by Lima. The passenger agreed with the taxi driver that she would show her where to go to get to her place of residence. And so it happened. At the end she paid … Read more

Speed ​​limits will be imposed on Latvian roads

The changes will affect approximately 450 kilometers of state roads and 12 bridges. The largest construction projects this season are the section of the Vidzeme Highway (A2) from Melturi to Berzkrogs, where the reconstruction started last year will be completed, as well as the continuation of work on the Riga Bypass Road (A5) in Babite. … Read more

He had a good time…a famous Turkish star, the talk of the crowd in Riyadh (photos)

2023-12-17 21:44:50 Turkish star Kivanc Tatlitug has been at the forefront of the public’s talk over the past few hours, on social networking sites, after his photos spread widely while he was enjoying his time at the “Middle Best Soundstorm 2023” music festival, in Riyadh. Tatlitug appeared in the photos wearing a leather shirt, black … Read more

Actress Carolina Acevedo Buys Luxurious Truck with MasterChef Celebrity 2023 Prize Money

2023-10-25 12:49:59 The winner of the 2023 version of Colombia’s most famous cooking reality show, MasterChef Celebrity, actress Carolina Acevedo, received the not inconsiderable sum of 200 million pesos as a prize. Although a few weeks have passed since the final episode of the gastronomic show, many have wondered if the actress has already spent … Read more

Tragic Incident at Labweh Checkpoint: Uncovering the Truth behind N.A.R.’s Death

2023-09-30 19:21:00 The young man, N.A.R., spent After he refused to comply with the request of the army checkpoint personnel at the entrance to the town of Labweh in the northern Bekaa to search his Picanto car. In the details, the young man, N.A.R., tried to quickly cross the army checkpoint, accompanied by three of … Read more

What Would You Buy if You Became a Millionaire Overnight?: A Millionaire’s Journey of Simplicity and Practicality

2023-08-19 18:53:09 What would you buy if you became a millionaire overnight? Asking the question is one thing, having to answer it for real is another. Rob and his wife Ruth found themselves in this comfortable position last year, when the EuroMillions special draw netted them £1m (just over €1.1m) . of videos The two … Read more