38. Vienna City Council (9) | PID press

2023-05-24 16:23:27 Urgent request Vienna (OTS/RK) – GRin Mag.a Heidemarie Sequenz (GRÜNE) explained why it is important that the studies concerned are published. Because many political decisions would be based on studies, but they would have to be known and published. Sequence wanted to use two examples to explain why certain studies are not published: … Read more

SPÖ treasure: allegations of re-activation against Guggenbichler must be completely cleared up

2023-05-24 15:10:16 Further suspicion of Nazi memorabilia in fraternities Vienna (OTS/SK) – SPÖ spokeswoman for culture of remembrance Sabine Schatz expects full clarification of the re-activation allegations against the Viennese FPÖ member of parliament Guggenbichler, which “Der Standard” uncovered today. According to the report, the public prosecutor’s office is investigating the FPÖ politician. “There are … Read more

Tax Advisor of the Year | BDO Austria GmbH, 05/24/2023

2023-05-24 13:48:09 Vienna (OTS) – dr Patricia Andretsch, partner at BDO, is tax consultant of the year in the liberal professions. Also in 2023 IFA and “Die Presse” were looking for the best tax consultants of the year. In the liberal professions category, the expert jury chose Dr. Patricia Andretsch to the best tax consultant … Read more

FPÖ – Berger: ÖVP-Mahrer criticizes conditions that he himself helped to cause

2023-05-24 12:33:40 Vienna (OTS) – “When the Viennese ÖVP leader Karl Mahrer criticizes the situation in Vienna’s favorites, he acts according to the motto ‘stop the thief’. After all, he and his party are largely responsible for the migrant crime in the district. His own ÖVP Interior Minister Karner lets hundreds of illegal social migrants … Read more

38. Vienna City Council (4) | PID press

2023-05-24 11:14:21 main debate Vienna (OTS/RK) – GRin Mag. Bettina Emmerling, MSc (NEOS) underlined the importance of the topic of child poverty, to combat which 15 million euros would be decided today. For the valorization of the fees, such as for food contributions, Emmerling said that a package had been created to “sustainably relieve families … Read more

Gorlitzer: City councilor Hacker simply does not answer the question

2023-05-24 09:52:30 Solutions in the Viennese health sector from the city are still outstanding Vienna (OTS) – “Adequate solutions are still missing in the Viennese health sector, and the responsible city councilor Hacker is simply silent about it,” said municipal councilor Michael Gorlitzer in view of today’s question time. The Vienna People’s Party confronted the … Read more