Goya Awards 2024 | Who is María Vázquez, the protagonist of ‘Matria’: from appearing in successful series to working with her husband

Saturday, February 10, 2024, 10:24 p.m. Comment Copy link WhatsApp Facebook X LinkedIn Telegram «I am very histrionic, dramatic and intense. With work, on the other hand, I am more balanced. The speaker is María Vázquez (her name is actually María Rodríguez Vázquez), a Galician born in Vigo in 1979 and who now, in 2024, … Read more

Shocking Domestic Violence Incident: Ms. Yang’s Horrifying Ordeal

2023-12-17 06:45:29 Ms. Yang’s lumbar spine was broken by her domestic violence husband, and she was stabbed by her husband with a kitchen knife when she was hospitalized. (Picture/extracted from Star Video) A shocking incident of violence recently occurred in Guizhou, China. A 55-year-old woman surnamed Yang was subjected to domestic violence by her husband … Read more

The Impact of Inheritance on Divorce: Legal Implications and Rights

2023-12-01 00:25:10 Not long after the death of his father-in-law and mother-in-law, the newlyweds filed for divorce and requested a division of the property inherited by his wife. (Image/Pixabay) A mainland woman surnamed Kang recently inherited a huge inheritance of about 200 million yuan (approximately NT$880 million) from her parents. Unexpectedly, her husband, surnamed Wang, … Read more

I went home and witnessed my mother-in-law sucking wildly in her room. The wife collapsed and he yelled, “It’s normal to be like mom.”: I’m releasing stress | Life | CTWANT

2023-11-19 05:14:15 The wife was told that she was making a fuss. (Picture/reproduced from pexels) The physical boundaries between parents and children are different in every family. A wife complained that she was super shocked when she came home from get off work one day and saw her almost 40-year-old husband sucking breast milk. Unexpectedly, … Read more

Regret After Loss: Overcoming Superior Male Ego and Cherishing Loved Ones

2023-11-16 11:14:00 A husband didn’t know that his wife’s end was approaching, but he still treated her with cold silence. Now that his wife passed away, he regretted that he couldn’t let go of his “superior male ego”! (Image/Pixabay) It was previously reported in Malaysia that a delivery driver’s wife gave birth last month, but … Read more

Inside the Life of Laura Acuña: From Lawyer to TV Presenter, Mother, and the Challenges She Faces

2023-10-22 02:33:15 Laura Acuña is a Colombian lawyer, model and presenter who left her hometown, Bucaramanga, at a very young age in order to get to television. Although it was not easy, she became part of ‘Noticias RCN’, ‘Very Good Morning’, ‘La Voz’, among others. In addition, she managed to fulfill another of her greatest … Read more

The story of miscarriage, divorce, and husband finding a new love 10 days later is sad_Wang Yuexin_Life_Work

2023-10-20 10:10:00 Original title: Child miscarriage, divorce, husband finds new love 10 days later, this story is sad Especially Wang Yuexin. Not only did he participate in the program “Breaking Through Troubles” and won the enthusiastic love and popularity of the audience, he also finally realized his dream and successfully held a solo concert! It … Read more