European economy predicted shocks if Trump is elected president

The publication recalls that Europe has not yet recovered from the consequences of the energy crisis caused by the conflict in Ukraine and the sanctions policies of Western countries, as a result of which since the beginning of the decade the European economy has grown by only 4 percent compared to twice its growth in … Read more

PlayStation players can enjoy a huge freebie this weekend, no PS Plus needed

2023-12-10 00:56:11 There are often plenty of freebies offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers, but this weekend even those without a subscription will be able to enjoy a range of free games at no extra cost. We definitely have that Friday feeling now! Think of it as a kind of early Christmas, with the magic it … Read more

Euregioprotect/Crossover: Major Cross-Border Control Operation Results and Updates

2023-11-17 11:02:32 This Thursday, November 16, a major cross-border control operation “Euregioprotect / Crossover” took place. It mobilized 350 police and customs officers from 14 authorities in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Read also Philippe Gilbert is conspicuous by his absence at his own trial in Verviers following an incident with motorists: but he is … Read more

Unexpected Fox Sighting in Mechelen: A Rare Encounter in the City Center

2023-11-02 18:40:00 This Wednesday, Kevin Polfiet went drinking with colleagues. Around 1 a.m., while the group was walking along Gerechtstraat in Mechelen, Kevin’s eye was caught by something unexpected. “I found it remarkable and I took a photo,” he explains to our colleagues at Gazet van Antwerpen. of videos Because it was ultimately a rather … Read more

CAP48 Closing Evening: Two Animators Exceed Expectations with 48-Hour Challenge!

2023-10-15 20:52:18 The two animators brilliantly rose to their challenge! CTR This Sunday evening, RTBF is organizing the closing evening of CAP48. The objective? To exceed the 7,733,227 euros collected last year to help people with disabilities. If some facilitators are at the call center to take note of your donations, others have agreed to … Read more

Madonna Ditches Private Jet: A Surprising Celebrity Encounter on a British Airways Flight

2023-10-06 09:57:40 Passengers on a British Airways flight were very surprised when they flew from New York. And for good reason, a global pop star was there and traveling like everyone else. This star was none other than… Madonna! The singing icon has in fact abandoned his energy-intensive private jet to travel like everyone else … Read more