Expert Sports Predictions for the King’s Cup Quarter-Finals by Mohamed Al-Sheikh

2023-11-02 22:30:12 Al-Marsad Sports: Sports critic Mohamed Al-Sheikh revealed his predictions regarding the quarter-final matches of the King’s Cup. During his appearance on the “Action with Walid” program, the Sheikh said: I recommend that Al-Nasr qualify against Al-Shabab… and Abha is closer to winning over Al-Khaleej. The Sheikh added, saying: I nominate Al-Hilal to qualify, … Read more

Turki Al-Sheikh Responds to Criticism: Riyadh Season and Solidarity with Gaza

2023-10-28 07:35:28 Al-Marsad newspaper: The head of the General Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, responded to the criticism directed at him and the Kingdom during the past days, due to not canceling the Riyadh Season activities, in solidarity with the Gaza Strip. Turki Al-Sheikh said, via his Facebook account: “There is an important point that I … Read more

Young Man Challenges Cristiano Ronaldo to a Race: Will Al-Nasr Club Sign Him If He Wins?

2023-10-26 22:20:03 Al-Marsad newspaper: A young man sent a letter to the head of the Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, in which he asked to organize a race between him and Al-Nasr player Cristiano Ronaldo, and if he wins, he will join Al-Nasr club as a player. The young man said during a video that Turki … Read more

Al-Fatima Sheikh Abu Saq Mediates Dispute: Reduced Ruling Amount in Najran

2023-10-14 19:54:07 Al-Marsad newspaper: A circulating video clip documented the sheikh of the Al-Fatima tribes, Yam Muhammad bin Ali Abu Saq, deposing Bashta to mediate with the Al-Araj’a tribe to reduce the amount of the ruling in a case in Najran. Sheikh Abu Saq took off his veil, shawl, and headband, among the members of … Read more

Watch.. Turki Al-Sheikh publishes a promotional video for an “important event” that will be held at the opening of the Riyadh season

2023-10-13 16:13:46 Al-Marsad newspaper: Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Entertainment Authority, published a promotional video clip of the boxing match, scheduled to be held next October 28, as part of the Riyadh Season competitions. The match is scheduled to be held between the Ukrainian boxer, Oleksandr Usyk, against the French-Cameroonian boxer, Francis Xavier Ngannou. Turki … Read more

Honoring Al-Nasr: The Vision of the General Entertainment Authority for a Grand Celebration after Arab Club Championship Victory

2023-10-02 04:55:26 Al-Marsad newspaper: The head of the General Entertainment Authority, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, revealed the main goal of honoring Al-Nasr after achieving the Arab Club Championship for the King Salman Cup. Victory requests Al-Sheikh said in a telephone interview on the “Action with Walid” program: Al-Nasr has requests, and there is a star who … Read more

Controversy Erupts as Sheikh Adel Al-Kalbani Launches ‘Moody Park’ Hashtag: Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-10-01 14:45:20 Al-Marsad newspaper: Sheikh Adel Al-Kalbani sparked controversy after he launched a hashtag on the X platform entitled “Moody Park.” Crescent tweeters criticized the hashtag, and a tweeter commented, saying: “Al-Hilal Stadium, the men’s stadium, is named after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom Arena. According to Moody Park, there is no stadium at … Read more

A Sneak Peek into Riyadh Season 4: Opening Date, Star-Studded Performances, and World’s Biggest Boxing Fight!

2023-09-16 22:17:37 Al-Marsad newspaper: The head of the Entertainment Authority, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, announced the opening date of the Riyadh season in its fourth edition and the most important sports witnessed by the opening. Advisor Turki said in a video clip: On October 28, the Riyadh Season will be opened, held by the best celebration … Read more