In Japan, friendship is called marriage – Life & Style

Although Japan is known for its surprising traditions and social boundaries, there has recently been a trend in Japan that is attracting quite a bit of attention. In Japan, a trend called ‘friendship marriage’ is going viral, in which citizens are turning to marrying each other without love or sex. According to the South China … Read more

National Army prevents terrorist attack in Anorí, Antioquia

In Anorí, Antioquia, troops of the National Army carried out an important operation that allowed the location and controlled destruction of an explosive device, thus avoiding a potential attack that had the objective of affecting the civilian population and the Public Force. The operation was carried out in the El Banco village, in the municipality … Read more

Al-Fatima Sheikh Abu Saq Mediates Dispute: Reduced Ruling Amount in Najran

2023-10-14 19:54:07 Al-Marsad newspaper: A circulating video clip documented the sheikh of the Al-Fatima tribes, Yam Muhammad bin Ali Abu Saq, deposing Bashta to mediate with the Al-Araj’a tribe to reduce the amount of the ruling in a case in Najran. Sheikh Abu Saq took off his veil, shawl, and headband, among the members of … Read more

Amendment of Article 28 of Individual Service System Revealed by Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-09-05 18:13:50 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The official Umm Al-Qura newspaper revealed the amendment of Article (28) of the Individual Service System. The text of the decision was as follows: An individual is paid a deportation allowance in accordance with the provisions specified by the executive regulations, when he is appointed for the first time in service, … Read more

Watch.. Loujain Omran and actress Amira Muhammad dancing at the wedding of a member of the ruling family in Bahrain

2023-06-18 18:46:54 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip of the Saudi journalist, Loujain Omran, as she danced at the wedding of Sheikh Salman bin Khalid Al Khalifa in Bahrain. The video showed Jane Omran dancing alongside the Bahraini actress, Amira Mohammed, to express their joy at the wedding. Lujain … Read more

“Al-Marsad Newspaper: 4 Arrested for Drug Promotion and Narcotic Distribution in Riyadh Police Department’s Operation”

2023-05-25 21:29:41 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Criminal Investigation and Investigation Department of the Riyadh Police Department revealed the arrest of 4 citizens, for promoting narcotic substances. And the Public Security account published a video report, which showed a drug control member instructing his colleagues to be careful, when the residence of drug dealers was raided, where … Read more

“Infiltration and Disguise: The Story of a Saudi General Among the Houthis”

2023-05-10 18:20:34 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Activists circulated on social media, the story of a Saudi general, who infiltrated the ranks of the Houthis and lived with them, revealing their plans and their senior leaders until they called him “a loyal Jew”. The activists praised the ability of Major General “Ahmed Al-Fifi”, who was the director of … Read more

Four members of a family were rescued and a body was recovered from the collapse of a house in Babylon

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, the Directorate stated, “Our teams rescued four members of one family, including children, while the body of an elderly woman was recovered from under the rubble of a collapsed house in Al-Kifl district, Babil Governorate.” The statement added, “The defense teams rushed to the scene and provided first … Read more