The death of one of the most famous actors of the movie Titanic (video)

2023-06-27 04:06:00 On the news of the death, Travis Princeton, dean of the School of Theater at the California Institute of the Arts, said: “Balter spent his life in art and in teaching the arts of acting. The students respected him. He always called for the search for truth in science and life, and his … Read more

Baghdad.. Extinguishing two separate large fires in Karrada

2023-05-05 08:51:52 In a statement received by Alsumaria News, the directorate stated, “Our teams succeeded in putting out a major fire incident that broke out inside a warehouse for electrical appliances, built of highly flammable sandwich panels, which violates the safety instructions issued by the Civil Defense Directorate in the Al-Masbah intersection in Karrada, Baghdad.” … Read more

In fairness to the workers.. Al-Hakim calls for the adoption of the Social Security Law

2023-05-01 05:04:49 Al-Hakim said in a statement received by Alsumaria News: “On International Workers’ Day, we appeal to this important and active segment in the task of obtaining its legitimate rights through fair laws that secure its dignity.” Al-Hakim called on all systems, decision makers and employers in the world to “justify this toiling segment … Read more

Winter refuses to leave.. Iraq is on a new date with rains

2023-04-28 07:28:41 And the authority stated, in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that “the country’s weather for tomorrow, Saturday, will be partly cloudy, and at times it will be cloudy with a chance of light showers of rain, which will be thundery, and winds will be southeasterly moderate, turning to northwesterly moderate, causing rising … Read more

A female student was killed and a woman was injured in a traffic accident in Al Mansour, Baghdad

2023-04-23 20:37:29 The source told Alsumaria News, “A 19-year-old female student was killed, along with a woman with fractures, as a result of a traffic accident on 14 Ramadan Street in the Mansour district of the capital, Baghdad,” adding that “the driver was driving at a high speed.” He added, “The security forces chased the … Read more

Planning The details of the Social Fund for Development plan for 2023 are announced

2023-04-18 09:44:11 The ministry’s spokesman, Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi, said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, “The Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Planning, Muhammad Ali Tamim, directed to provide appropriate conditions for the fund’s work and enable it to implement its annual plan, which includes the implementation of projects of a service nature, foremost … Read more

Initiating the launch of financing employee salaries for the current month

The ministry stated, in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that it “has begun to launch salary financing for the current month of April, after completing all procedures related to the process of regulating the exchange.” The ministry called on spending units in ministries, unrelated entities, and governorates to “commit to the monthly financing requirements, … Read more

Integrity announces the issuance of a recruitment order against a local official in Dhi Qar

The department stated, in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that “the judge of the Nasiriyah Investigation Court, which is specialized in examining cases of integrity, issued an order to bring in the district commissioner of Al-Dawaya District, regarding the violations committed in the Directorate of Al-Dawaya Municipality regarding the sale of plots of land … Read more