pollen puts allergic French people to the test

2023-05-28 09:57:08 While 81 departments have been placed on red alert for pollen, GPs are seeing a massive influx of patients for allergic rhinitis. Red alert in metropolitan France. The National Aerobiological Surveillance Network has forecast a particularly devastating pollen peak this weekend in more than 80 French departments. What exacerbate the allergies that have … Read more

an upward trend in 2022

2023-05-26 09:13:59 In France, one in 18 patients contracted an illness during their hospital stay over this period. The Covid has largely contributed to the increase in cases. One in 18 hospitalized patients is affected by at least one nosocomial infection (acquired in the health establishment), according to a national survey carried out every five … Read more

Almost 100 places in rural areas for Family Medicine in Aragon – Health job opportunities for MIR doctors

2023-05-27 04:00:15 The Health offer for Family Medicine has almost 100 places in rural areasGOVERNMENT OF ARAGON Will rural health in Aragon seduce doctors who have just finished their training? Will they stay to work in the community? The questions will yield answers on June 7, when the Health will carry out a centralized call … Read more

“Controversy over Delayed Post-Fukushima Report and National Assembly’s Priorities”

2023-05-27 05:46:06 Attendees at a press conference calling for the withdrawal of plans to discharge radioactively contaminated water from Fukushima, Japan. Photo = Reporter Park Hyo-sang Prior to the discharge of contaminated water in Fukushima, Japan, an inspection team dispatched by the government returned to Korea on the 26th. Since the discharge of contaminated water … Read more

Two months extended to advance space research

2023-05-26 13:02:12 In Toulouse, volunteers have agreed to take part in a study which aims to better understand how our body reacts to the absence of gravity. Spend two months lying down to help space research: volunteers have agreed to stay in bed under surveillance in Toulouse, in order to recreate the absence of gravity … Read more

“Korean Researchers Discover Link Between Alzheimer’s and Low-Dose Radiation: World’s First Study”

2023-05-26 03:33:52 Dr. Lee Hae-jun‧ Son Young-hun (from the left) The Korea Institute of Atomic Energy and Medicine announced that the research team led by Dr. Younghoon Son and Haejun Lee identified the effects of long-term exposure to low-dose radiation on Alzheimer’s disease for the first time in the world. Low-dose rate Low-dose radiation refers … Read more