Election in Berlin: “Man, at Union there is always a jute atmosphere!”

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Minsal expands target groups for bivalent vaccination amid criticism for low inoculation | National

Next Monday, January 16, people from the age of 50 will be included for vaccination with bivalent doses. Likewise, from the Minsal they announced that other target groups may also be inoculated from that date with this vaccine. In the midst of criticism from mayors and ex-authorities, due to coverage and low inoculation, this Thursday … Read more

A campaign of arrests of FIFA officials on corruption charges

A campaign of arrests of FIFA officials on corruption charges u0627u0644u0641u0633u0627u062f u064au0636u0631u0628 u0641u064au063au0627 u0641u064a u0639u0647u062f u0628u0644u0627u062au0631 u0645u062cu062fu062fu0627u064b date of publication : Thursday 12:00 2015-5-28 Commenting on the arrest of persons from the International Federation of Football Associations in connection with the corruption case, the Swiss Federal Ministry of Justice indicated in a statement that the … Read more

Offer of a third of Cochamó draws international attention: they seek 100 thousand signatures to avoid sale | Special

Fundación Parque Cochamó -in the Los Lagos region- began a campaign to gather 100,000 signatures to get the valley of the same name declared nature sanctuary. The foregoing is intended to prevent the sale of the 131 thousand hectares that are offered, and that correspond to a third of Cochamó. The lack of a state … Read more

Qatar 2022 World Cup: why it is said that it had a very expensive image campaign | World Cup | nnda nnlt | TRENDS

This Sunday, November 20, begins the World Cup Qatar 2022 and soccer fans are counting down the hours to see the biggest sporting event on the planet. But the country Qatar has also given rise to talk because there are voices that point out that the tournament has had a very expensive image campaign in … Read more

“Makinoon” .. A campaign to raise awareness of mental health at King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa

The Medical Student Council of the College of Medicine, King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa, held an awareness campaign on mental health, with the slogan “Understanding”, for a period of three days, starting today, Thursday. The campaign aims to raise awareness of mental illnesses, simulate them, and provide psychological counseling. The campaign, based on four educational … Read more