KCBC Vigilance Commission: Pope Francis, Same-Sex Marriage and Trans People – Latest Updates

2023-12-19 16:16:01 Kochi: The KCBC Vigilance Commission is on the scene with an explanation on the blessing of same-sex marriage. KCBC clarified that the Catholic Church does not approve of same-sex marriage. The blessing of same-sex partners is indicative of the church’s openness. But Pope Francis has not given permission to bless same-sex marriages. The … Read more

Christmas Celebrations in the Coptic and Episcopal Churches in Egypt

2023-12-05 11:24:00 Written by: Muhammad Al-Ahmadi Tuesday, December 5, 2023 01:24 PM “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” With those words from the Holy Bible, the Catholic and Episcopal churches celebrate Christmas on the evening of December 24th, where Patriarch Anba Ibrahim Ishaq, Patriarch of the Coptic … Read more

Florida Supreme Court Rejects Archdiocese’s Request in Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

2023-11-02 20:27:43 TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a request by the Archdiocese of Miami to take up a dispute involving allegations that a priest sexually abused a child. Justices, as is common, did not explain their reasons for declining to hear the case. The archdiocese wanted justices to review a decision … Read more

The Archdiocese of Baltimore Bankruptcy: Seeking Justice for Abuse Survivors

2023-10-31 01:09:26 Attorneys for the Archdiocese of Baltimore and abuse survivors are expected back in court next week as the church’s bankruptcy proceedings unfold. Meanwhile, survivors say they’re eager for answers about how they’ll find justice amid the bankruptcy process. The archdiocese filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late September, just days before the start … Read more

Examining the Case: Pope Francis Repeals Prescription for Process Against Accused Jesuit Artist

2023-10-29 00:55:00 Francisco has decided not to prescribe the case so that a trial can be opened against the former Jesuit and well-known artist, accused of psychological and sexual abuse by some nuns. The Commission for the Protection of Minors denounced to the Pontiff “serious problems” in the management of the case and “the lack … Read more

Supporting the World’s Poorest Dioceses: Join the Largest Solidarity Campaign on the Planet

2023-10-22 08:50:42 On behalf of the Pope, the Catholic Church worldwide prays for the world’s poorest dioceses on “World Mission Sunday” and collects donations. The day is always celebrated on the third Sunday in October – this year it is October 22, 2023. It is for Missio Austria It is the “largest solidarity campaign on … Read more

Pope Francis’s Historic Visit to Mongolia: Inspiring Interfaith Dialogue and Human Rights Advocacy

2023-08-31 13:59:02 Vatican City – Pope Francis will visit Mongolia with the theme “Together in Hope”. The Pope will depart from Fiumicino Airport in Rome today and arrive at Genghis Khan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, at 10:00 tomorrow morning. During this trip, Pope Francis will meet with political authorities in Mongolia. … Read more

The Importance of Brain Health in the Digital Era: Tips for Optimal Functioning

2023-07-23 10:52:19 Because the digital culture has hardly strained the muscles and shifted the work to the screen, the brain and the eyes are increasingly being used. It is therefore worth taking care of this organ, just as athletes need to take care of their muscles and joints if they want to be successful in … Read more