Pope: Mediterranean is a grave for human dignity

2023-09-22 19:09:16 Francis at the interreligious commemoration for drowned people in the French metropolis of Marseille: No longer watching human trafficking, torture, shipwrecks and the “fanaticism of indifference” – Pope also sharply criticizes measures against civilian sea rescuers Marseille (KAP) – Pope Francis has used powerful words to condemn the deaths of migrants in the … Read more

The 2022 Budget of APSA: Transparency and Financial Support for the Roman Curia

2023-08-12 11:15:17 The 2022 budget of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See was made public this Friday, August 11. The organization has contributed to cover the needs of the Roman Curia for more than 32 million euros. Bishop Galantino, its president, welcomes the transparency sought. Nicola Gori – Vatican City In 2022, … Read more

Pope Francis’ Visit to Fátima: Prayers for Peace and Pilgrimage Details

2023-08-05 00:50:12 Saturday, 08/05/2023, 00:50 Pope Francis will visit the Shrine of Fátima north of Lisbon on Saturday during his trip to Portugal. There the head of the Catholic Church will meet with sick youth and is expected to pray for peace. In Fátima, in the course of the year 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary … Read more

Pope Francis Condemns Burning of Koran in Sweden: Importance of Respect and Free Speech

2023-07-03 20:18:00 3.07.2023 22:18 (Akt. 3.07.2023 22:18) Pope Francis is outraged by the burning of the Koran in Sweden. “I am outraged and disgusted by such actions. Any book that is considered sacred by its people must be respected out of respect for those who believe in it. The right to free speech must never … Read more

From Alcira Gigena to the Vatican, the path of “Tucho” Fernández in the Church

2023-07-02 03:01:00 “Tucho” is actually “Tuchito”. The youngest of the three Fernández brothers, he is the son of Emilio “Tucho” Fernández. He inherited the nickname from his father, like his brothers, but it was more than clear that the diminutive corresponded to him in that Alcira Gigena of the 1970s. “Tucho” father had received the … Read more

Who is “Tucho” Fernández, the Cordovan chosen by the Pope to occupy a key position in Rome

2023-07-01 18:01:58 Pope Francis appointed this Saturday the Archbishop of La Plata, Víctor “Tucho” Fernández, in charge of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, the entity in charge of canonical trials for pedophilia, in a task that the pontiff considered “very valuable”. and for which he encouraged him to choose paths other than … Read more