“This is me”, the answer that complicates one of the rugbiers who wanted to get rid of crime

“There are groups that cannot even name that there was a crime. Beyond the criminal responsibilities that justice will determine, this makes us reflect on what it means to be a man, an athlete, a friend, masculinity exacerbated in the culture of endurance and this of the supposed supremacy of some over others”, said the … Read more

9 days of mourning and viscera preserved in urns?: these are the protocols for a Pope’s funeral | Society

After the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, doubts have arisen about what protocols will be carried out and whether he will receive the treatment of a Pope or a bishop, since he resigned from the position of highest authority in 2013. This morning the death of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI was reported, who He … Read more

Pope emeritus Benedict XVI dies | International

Benedict XVI had shown health problems in recent days. On Wednesday, December 28, Pope Francis had requested “a special prayer” from the faithful who attended his general audience, in favor of his predecessor. The emeritus pope Benedict XVI He died today at the age of 95 in the Vatican’s Mater Ecclesiae monastery, where he had … Read more

Benedict XVI: reveal the first details of his funeral after his death – Religion – Life

Great mourning in the Catholic Church this December 31, 2022. The emeritus pope passed away Benedict XVI at the age of 95, after presenting health complications. The alarms went off last Wednesday, after pope francisat the end of the General Audience, will ask the Catholics for a Special prayer for your predecessor. Since then, the … Read more

Benedict XVI: this is how he has been preparing for the day of his death – Religion – Life

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, 95 years old, is in a very delicate state of health. Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, who was the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013, released a letter on February 8, 2022, in which he confessed that he is ready for the day death knocks on the door of … Read more

Pope Francis reveals that Benedict XVI’s health worsened in the last few hours: “He is very ill” | International

The Pope asked to pray for 95-year-old Benedict XVI, whose health conditions are extremely weak, and noted that “he is very ill.” The Vatican confirmed this Wednesday that in the last hours the state of health of the pope emeritus has worsened Benedict XVI “due to advancing age”, but “for the moment the situation is … Read more