The Health Benefits of Fennel: Promoting Heart Health, Lowering Blood Pressure, and More

2023-11-20 08:39:09 Al-Marsad newspaper: Fennel is one of the beneficial herbs that helps solve many health problems. Regarding the benefits of drinking fennel on an empty stomach: 1. Promoting heart health: Fennel supports heart health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by preventing the accumulation of homocysteine, which causes damage to blood vessels, and … Read more

Daring Man Hangs on Flagpole During Storm: Shocking Video Goes Viral

2023-11-03 12:30:00 Crazy, there is no other word. Last night, while storm Ciaran was raging in our country, Habib, a young 20-year-old tiktoker, was amazed when he looked up at the sky. A man was in fact hanging on the flagpole at the top of the Walburgatoren, at… 88 meters high! of videos “At first … Read more

Discover the Health Benefits of Eating Green Bananas for Colon Cancer Prevention

2023-09-29 05:53:59 Al-Marsad newspaper: Nutrition experts said that eating bananas before they are fully ripe has a great benefit in protecting against colon cancer. For his part, nutrition expert Michael Mosley explained, “Green bananas contain starch that does not break down easily in the intestines, but acts more like fiber. This type of starch does … Read more

“Suspicious Deaths in Zegelsem: Details and Investigation Updates”

2023-04-24 05:26:09 The woman’s body was discovered around 5:15 p.m. in a street in Zegelsem, in front of her home. Firefighters were called and set up a tent to conceal the body. The man, who is probably the husband of the first victim, was discovered shortly after, not far away. The deaths are considered suspicious, … Read more

the extent of the damage suggests excessive speed (photos)

This Monday, shortly before 5 p.m., a BMW 7 Series and a BMW X5 were in a chase on rue du Rhin-Napoléon in Strasbourg. The first vehicle ended its race on the roof while the second hit a tree head-on, indicates our colleagues from Latest News from Alsace. The three people who were in the … Read more

Thomas Tuchel’s first comment on his dismissal from Chelsea coach: I am shocked

German Thomas Tuchel broke his silence and commented on his dismissal by the club’s management Chelseaearlier last week. Last Wednesday, Chelsea announced the dispensation of Thomas Tuchel, less than 24 hours after losing against Dinamo Zagreb in the first round of the Champions League group stage. Read also.. Graham Potter takes advantage of the postponement … Read more

The last of them are Conte and Tokhil.. The most famous chokeholds of coaches in European stadiums, “video”

It wasn’t the strong fight that broke out between coach Thomas Tuchel Chelsea With Tottenham Hotspur coach Antonio Conte, it is the first of its kind, after the whistle erupted after the referee’s whistle for the two teams’ match, which ended in a 2-2 draw, at Stamford Bridge, in the second round of the English … Read more

Daily Mail: Chelsea make a decisive decision on the Ronaldo deal

Chelsea have made a decisive decision regarding the possibility of signing the Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldoduring the current summer transfer season. Ronaldo has turned into a rich material for press reports over the past period, after news emerged that he had informed Manchester United officials of his desire to leave this summer, if the … Read more